Monday, May 24, 2010

Satish Hiremath Is The New Mayor of Oro Valley

The results are in.

Satish Hiremath earned 30 more votes than Mike Zinkin. Satish is the Mayor-elect of Oro Valley. The margin of victory was razor thin. It's .2% of the votes cast of the 15,000 votes cast.

This aint' no landslide. It's a very narrow victory. Therein, lies the problem.

The challenge that Mayor-Elect Hiremath faces is daunting. He didn't win a mandate. In fact, it's quite the opposite. He inherits a divided constituency. Half the people didn't vote for him.

If Satish thinks that he simply needs to move forward with his agenda without considering the needs of all the people of Oro Valley, then he is sadly mistaken. Most who didn't vote for him, for good or bad reasons, think that he used special interests to buy the election.

For Mayor-Elect Hiremath to move forward, headstrong, without considering the needs of all of our people, and, yes, the needs of special interests too, would be a tragic mistake. It will mark four long years as Mayor.

We urge him to become the leader of all of us.

We will not make the situation worse. WE will start with a position of support for his success and the success of our new Council, because therein lines our success.


Fear the Turtle said...

Your blog, your rules, and more power to you all for doing what you think is right.

The comments by Hiremath last night convinced me that his agenda is already established, and there is nothing to be gained by rolling over like dogs.

This blog has been a valuable service to the citizens of OV, and hopefully it will remain so.

Jay D said...

Zee Man, Thanks for encouraging your readers (and this blog) to move forward, while supporting Mayor Hiremath. Absolutely there was no mandate...and hopefully the new mayor and council will work hard for our town, representing all of us. It's time to knock off the negativity!

The Zee Man said...

Dear Fear,

We don't plan to "rollover like dogs". We plan to be as vigilient as ever. We plan to be a sounding board. We plan to stay on top of things.

For starters, we offer our support to our Mayor and Council. This is what Mike Zinkin is doing. This is what we are doing.

It's not our intention to give them a free ride, however.

Chuck Davis said...

While I am disappointed in the results, I intend to remain objective regarding Hiremath's performance. Let us all remember that us Zinkin supporters did not feel him to be ready for the job of mayor. Having said that, I think we need to give him a honeymoon period to get up to speed on performing the job. Rather than being too critical lets try to help him. he is the only mayor that we have.

Toll for said...

I must now accept the fact that we have a Republican mayor who was elected largely due to the fact that he was supported by public sector unions who reside outside of Oro Valley. Who is John Galt?

freedom fighters said...

Prepare to be drilled.

Nombe Watanabe said...

Can't wait for the unions to raid the rainy day fund!

OV Objective Thinker said...

From my view it would appear that the same temperment that was repeatedly expressed by Mr. Zinkin before, during and after the election is displayed in this blog repeatedly by many of you.

VC...It's interesting that others see you in the same light as your former pen pal. :-)