Saturday, May 22, 2010

Update: Hiremath Up By 30 Votes

As of today, Satish Hiremath has more total votes than Mike Zinkin,7398 to 7368. If this total holds, Satish is the new Mayor of Oro Valley.


Roger said...

Hiremath is Mayor. MZ conceded.

Fear the Turtle said...

Looks like a victory for the unions and a defeat for the citizens and small businesses of this town.

Higher taxes are on the horizon, and those Republicans that voted for the pro-union Hiremath should at least change their party affiliation.

Whoever is responsible for the delay in tabulating the votes needs to be held responsible, and a valid explanation for the delay is due immediately.

Victorian Cowgirl said...

Two things:

(1) I saw footage of Hiremath being interviewed by Fox News Tucson after it was announced that he had won. Hiremath said that when the call came in, he was taking a nap! Why am I not surprised?

(2) Can someone explain to me how on May 20th, Lou Waters had 8,847 votes and three days later on May 23rd he had 8,555 votes? That's a DROP of 292 votes!!!

That's a red flag that something is amiss with the vote count.

Jay D said...

VC, In a previous post Zee Man suggested we all move on (my words, not his). I would like to suggest the same to you...There is a definite pattern in your responses that tends to be negative, constantly questionning people, bringing up old news. (I can only imagine your response to my post.) 1) I saw the Fox News footage too...Instead of focusing on the nap part, I saw Hiremath say he had no problem with the slow vote count (again, my words not his) in order to make sure everything was done correctly. On the other hand, I saw Zinkin say this was a "slap in the face" to Oro Valley voters...Different personalities. I also heard Zinkin say he ran because of "shenanigans" by Loomis...I would say Zinkin should take Zee Man's advice and move on. 2) If you are concerned that there is some red flag regarding the vote count, have you considered contacting the registrar's office and asking them? The blog may be your place to vent, but in order to get the most accurate information, you must go to the source!

In the meantime, we have a new mayor. Obviously, there was no clear mandate of any sort.

We all want the best for Oro Valley and we must try to get along!

OinStarr said...


Pima County Election Summary Report dated 05/20/10 shows Lou Waters with 8,4447 total votes not 8,847 as you state. Ended with 8,555 votes. Take down the red flag!

Victorian Cowgirl said...

Jay D,

I'm negative? And I suppose all the comments that you and Roger and OV Dad made about Zinkin were positive.

I constantly question people? You bet I do, especially when they make assertions that they cannot defend. Roger, for example, claimed that Zinkin tried to get ALL the same endorsements as Hiremath eventually got. I then asked Roger to name ALL of those businesses/organizations that Zinkin sought out for endorsements. No response. That's because Roger made it up.

So yes, I am going to continually challenge people who make wild assertions and accusations.

You claim that I keep bringing up "old news." First of all, the vote tally is not old news. It is CURRENT. Secondly, you didn't tell the Hiremath supporters to stop bringing up old news even after they continually brought up the use of the logo which had already been addressed and explained.

As for Hiremath's nap, I will add this: After the debate, OVOT made the comment that Zinkin's opening statement was a sign of how he would manage the town. Well, if an opening statement indicates how one will manage the town, then Hiremath's opening statement indicates that he will manage the town by "being asleep at the wheel."

FYI. Zinkin and Hiremath BOTH ran for Mayor because of Loomis' shenanigans. They were BOTH angry about his "handling" of the town manager's termination. They were BOTH dissatisfied with Loomis for a long time, but the Dave Andrews fiasco was the impetus that drove them to file papers. But you hold this against Zinkin and not against Hiremath.

And you wonder why I question people.

Hiremath's win IS a slap in the face to OV voters. The voters threw Loomis out of office for a reason (MANY reasons!) only to have him replaced with the person that Loomis later endorsed. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

Consider yourself slapped.

Also, just because I initially chose to use the blog to question the odd change in Lou Water's vote count doesn't mean that this is the only avenue I will use to question it.

This ain't my first rodeo!

James said...

VC, while I respect your opinion, I disagree with your assertion that Hiremath being elected Mayor is a slap in the face of Oro Valley voters. Perhaps some of the 7,368 people who voted for Zinkin consider it a slap, but I doubt that the 7,968 who voted for Hiremath consider it so.
By no means is this two tenths of one percent victory a mandate. There is much to be done in the coming months and years and I wish Hiremath well.

Zev Cywan said...

Biases certainly can cloud one's memory relative to 'assertions' let alone that they allow for a ['pot to call a kettle, black'].

It's time to 'let go', ALL. Continue this kind of bickering and the Town will remain divided, dispirited, and wanting. Grow and grow up, people; your 'chicken little' proclamations are beginning to irritate - big time!

Jay D said...

Wow, what a shame that the censoring on this blog does not include comments made by VC. VC, I am NOT going to have a duel with you...I am disgusted that you would even say, "Consider yourself slapped." Shame on you and shame on this blog for printing such nonsense.

As I have told you before, it is not worth responding to you...It is impossible to have a conversation with you. Instead you want to argue. Very sad for you.

You will continue to have your opinions as will I. But on several counts, you are wrong. Hiremath's win is NOT a slap in the face to to many of the voters in Oro Valley. Remember that half of them voted for him!

In terms of this not being your first rodeo...Maybe that explains it...Sounds like you've fallen off the horse too many times!

Victorian Cowgirl said...


I think you have a typo in your post. You said the report showed Waters with 8,4447 votes on 5/20. Please clarify.

Do you have a print-out of the report? Maybe the report you have was published at a different time of day than the one that I saw.

Honestly, I'm hoping that they just made a typo (as you did) and that they corrected it later that day. I'm really not looking for trouble where none exists. It was just something that caught my eye.

Fear the Turtle said...

Of course we all want nothing but the best for our town, and many on this blog have made positive contributions and will continue to do so.

There is nothing wrong with a spirted discussion and political discourse is the essence of democracy. Somtimes things get a little muddled, but what the heck it is a blog.

Roger said...

LOL......people are now beginning to understand why I refused to continually engage and provide VC the proof, facts, truth etc, etc, etc. She only sees and hears her view. i can sit at the computer and provide ALL she wants but what is the point? She will only see one view. I think MZ ran a great race he was just not my choice for Mayor.

OinStarr said...

Thank you for pointing out the typo on my post.

I am looking at a copy of the Election Summary Report for Pima Consolidated - Unofficial and Unaudited results that was posted 05/20/10 at 15:19:57. It shows Waters at 8,447 total votes. That was prior to counting the Provisional Ballots. The next Summary Report which includes the Provisional Ballots, dated 05/23/10 at 12:21:02 shows Waters at 8,555 total votes.