Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Reminder: Friday May 14 @ 5:30PM--Mayoral Debate

We hope many Oro Valley voters, particularly those that have not yet voted, and may be undecided, will attend the first and only "one on one " debate between the two mayoral candidates.

Sadly, Dr. Hiremath refused all attempts by Mike Zinkin to debate the issues, until the vast majority of the voters cast their ballots.

We hope many will show up and see why we support Mike Zinkin for mayor.

Mike has the knowledge, the experience and the time to serve.

Satish comes up short in all of these criteria.

He only comes out on top in outspending Mike by better than 2:1 and in having every Special Interest Group supporting his candidacy.

Please Vote---and please vote for Mike Zinkin for Mayor & ONLY Matt Rabb for Council.

Fri. May 14 @5:30PM at the Hilton El Conquistador Resort

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