Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Can Money Buy The Oro Valley Election? We Sure Hope Not!

If all it takes is money, then Mike Zinkin & Matt Rabb don't have a chance in the May 18 election.

If the last election in 2008 is any indication, then the Oro Valley voters will be smart enough and not let the money buy our election.

As reported in The Explorer, in the mayoral race, Mike Zinkin raised less than half the funds of Satish Hiremath.

For Town Council, Joe Hornat raised almost five times the amount of Matthew Rabb, and Lou Waters raised almost four times that of Matt.

As we said, we hope the Oro Valley voters will not allow money to determine the outcome of our election.

If you haven't yet voted, please vote for Mike Zinkin & ONLY Matt Rabb.

Read the detail of The Explorer article here.


Desert Voice said...


Latas and Garner with a fraction of Parrish's funds swept the primary. Gillaspie, too, with modest finances was reelected in the runoff. Their supporters had heart, energy and outrage at a gov that ignored its citizens.

In this very troubled economy, who can afford the big bucks Hiremath's campaign has? That is critical. They will want something in return. Pure and simple.

I read it as a statement of their fear that Zinkin will win. They are afraid of his candor, afraid of his popularity, afraid that he will not be bought and assauge that fear by throwing more money into the campaign.

Furthermore, Zinkin's handling himself in the campaign shows him to be a man of integrity. Hiremath pales in comparision.

Yes, Art, let history repeat itself and every voter who cares that their voice is heard vote Zinkin/Rabb.

artmarth said...

Did you see today's Explorer?

To prove my point about "buying an election," Mike Zinkin spent what was the balance of his funds on an ad in the Explorer.

Satish Hiremath, in his quest to "buy" the election had the following:

1) A color insert paid for by "the Dr. Satish Hiremath for Oro Valley Mayor Committee."

2)An ad paid for by "the Dr. Hiremath for Mayor Committee."

3) A i/2 page "open Letter to the Voters of Oro Valley" paid for by "the Dr. Satish Hiremath for Mayor Committee."

We don't know if that's one PAC, two PACs or three PACs.

We do know, it's great to have "deep pockets."

The last "deep pockets" to "buy" an Oro Valley election, was Vestar. We know what we got from them---and it 'ain't' pretty.

Let's not get snookered again.

Vote for Mike Zinkin.

Anonymous said...

As a factual reference, micro economic study indicates that money is a poor correlate (cause) of winning an election. Authors Levitt and Dubner cover this pretty well in their book, Freakonomics.

All of this to say, it doesn't matter how much a candidate spends, what matters is who they are.

Mike Zinkin, "the people's choice."

artmarth said...

Hi "Toll for"--- We hope that Levitt & Dubner are correct.
However, recent history proves in many cases, that money can in fact buy an election.

Hopefully, the Oro Valley voters fully understand the premise you noted----"it doesn't matter how much a candidate spends, what matters is who they are."

We surely agree with your last comment:
Mike Zinkin, "the people's choice."

Desert Voice said...

Toll for and Art,

Thanks for citing the research and supporting Zinkin, the candidate with integrity.

When yet another glossy, colored flyer arrived attached to the Explorer from SH, it hit me that this candidate is a BIG SPENDER...A VERY BIG SPENDER...Does OV needs someone who uses up every bit of available cash on himself? Is it responsible to spend every single dollar contributed in times of worldwide economic stress? I don't think so.

Zinkin/Rabb for fiscal responsibility

artmarth said...

Did you see my comment on the Hiremath "advertising blitz" in The Explorer?

Well---check out the Az Star NW section.

Isn't it great to have SO MUCH MONEY TO SPEND?

An ad on the front page of the NW section. If that "ain't" enough there's another full page color ad paid for by the Dr. Satish Hiremath for Mayor of Oro Valley Committee.

PLEASE! Don't let money determine the outcome of our mayoral election! VOTE FOR MIKE ZINKIN.