Saturday, May 8, 2010

Did Hiremath Cut A Deal With KC Carter To Be "His Day-Time " Mayor?

Did Satish Hiremath, Oro Valley mayor candidate, cut a deal with KC Carter, defeated Oro Valley Town Council member, for KC to handle the "daytime stuff" if Satish is elected Mayor?

Satish kind off sloughed off what KC Carter said when asked about this on Emil Franzi's show. Somebody is not being truthful---and it's either a sitting council member or a "wannabe" mayor.

"I’m gonna tell you something a little different. I’m gonna help that Dentist get elected. And I’m gonna be his aide. Don’t repeat that. In other words, I’m gonna come to your meetings. The Day. I’ll take his daytime stuff. He’s agreed to this; we get him in there."

KC made this statement prior to a scheduled Oro Valley Storm Water Commission Meeting of March 18, 2010. He made it while the members who were there were waiting for a quorum. The recording is part of Oro Valley's routine of recording meetings.

Click here. Listen to KC's words.

And now we know how Satish plans to juggle his full-time dentistry practice, his personal life and life as Mayor. As far as being Mayor, he simply plans to do the job part-time. Too bad the Mayor's job takes a lot of hours a day, Satish. Maybe you just shouldn't be Mayor.

So, if you've been wondering how Satish got all those endorsements, well, we believe that there may well be other deals.

Why does Paul Loomis, out-going defeated Mayor, endorse Satish? What deal did Satish cut with Loomis? Perhaps a deal to support him for Salette's vacant council seat?

Did Satish cut a deal with the fire fighters to support subverting the General Plan recommendation to evaluate if the town should have its own fire department?

Did Satish cut a deal with the Northern Pima County Chamber of Commerce to support to change the Oro Valley sign code to allow sign lights on 24/7?

Perhaps Satish cut a deal with the Kai's to support rezoning their property on 1st Avenue? Otherwise, why the Hiremath signs on this site?

Did Satish cut a deal with the OV Police Union to not have any of their jobs cut, should layoffs become necessary?

Did Satish make a deal with the Southern AZ Home Builders Assoc to lower the impact fees?

Did Satish make a deal with Jerene Watson, (our interim Town Manager) over breakfast a week or so ago to appoint her full time Town Manager?

We don't know the nature of all of the deals Satish may have cut, but we do know that according to Carter's own words, Satish cut at least one deal; and that deal, the "KC Carter: Daytime Mayor" deal, is bad for Oro Valley.

Certainly, the voters of Oro Valley want to elect someone who is actually planning to devote the time to the job; someone who steps into the job with an open mind and "clean hands."

Mike Zinkin doesn't cut deals. "What you see is what you get." He plans to be your full-time Mayor. Mike is the candidate of the people.

Satish's "KC Carter: Daytime Mayor" deal is just one more reason to Vote Zinkin and only for Matthew Rabb.


freedom fighters said...

Holy Toledo!! If this recording is a true recording, this is a smoking gun. I would have liked to hear what came before and what came after these remarks; Art, can you put up more of the meeting recording? Can you be assured that the recording hasn't been tampered with? Who and when did O.V.'s Deep Throat give you this hot tip? Inquiring minds need to know.

Desert Voice said...

Zee Man,

Agreed: while Hiremath tried to avoid answering the question about offering KC the position as his daytime assistant, did you hear SH finally outright deny that?

You just published KC's statement on the blog! Hiremath can hear it himself!

Is Hiremath mentally reserving another piece as did our former president when he said, "No, I did not have...etc."

The number of outright misrepresentations that Hiremath makes is alarming. If the news, the minutes from candidate forums, Zinkin's statements on the radio don't persuade him to the contrary, that raises the question of how in touch with reality Hiremath is.

Here's another statement, "I bring no baggage..." Duh! that's reminiscent of a First Lady who dubbed her horse thieving ancestors as "entreprenuerial". A more accurate description might be "I have no experience", "I hate TOV meetings...they are too frustrating..." I label myself "conservative" but I exempt myself from societal rules...I have a office which delivers professional treatment and has a code of ethics but it is a business.

When Franzi began to address the agricultural pieces of land still remaining in OV that might generate some tax revenue for the Amphi school district, Snider immediately came to mind. "Rent a cow" has an infamous history and this listener wondered what his purpose was in interjecting that.
What was his message?

Franzi appeared to have another agenda as he interviewed Zinkin.

artmarth said...

"freedom fighters" and other interested readers----As The Zeeman noted on the posting, the Storm Water Commission had a scheduled meeting on March 18.

While waiting for a quorum, and sitting around a table with the members of the Commission, Carter saw fit to "say what he said."

Our readers may be interested in knowing that there were people in Town Hall (it is known who they are)that indicated there was no audio available from that night.

That obviously was not the truth.

The recording is what it is---Carter talking when silence would have been a lot more prudent.

The Zee Man said...

To All Our Readers...

Let me assure you all that the recording is accurate. I have taken great care to do this properly.

Yes. I have the entire discussion.

KC's statement is part of a 12:00 minute recording. It is a segment that begins at 2:31 minutes.

The conversation preceding this segment is KC discussing why he does not like Zinkin: "He was on DRB and he drove me crazy."

The conversation after his statement is just that... "kibitzing" as the group in attendance wait for the quorum that didn't happen.

The recording is public information. You can request it.

astute gal said...

Just the imagination of a looney old man, if you ask me.

Will someone give KC a map to Leisure World and a running start? If Dr. Hiremath ever listens to anything KC says, they should revoke his dental license.

Victorian Cowgirl said...

First we had Loomis endorsing Hiremath and we speculated that it was because if Hiremath gets elected, he would vote to appoint Loomis to the vacant council seat.

Granted, THAT was speculation on our part, but now comes a similar scenario, and this time we have PROOF of a deal.

Now we have Carter endorsing Hiremath in return for Hiremath agreeing to make Carter "his aide" and offering to let him take on his "daytime stuff."

This shows that Hiremath has no respect for the will of the voters if he is planning to appoint Carter to handle the daytime stuff after the citizens just voted Carter out of office!

Nombe Watanabe said...

astute gal is, well, ..astute! KC has known issues, and now he has added brain farts to his list of ills. God save us if Dr. H is elected. And yes, freedom fighters, Holy Toledo! Holy Toledo indeed.

Nombe Watanabe said...

Request that Mr. Zinkin question Dr. H about KC's statement during the debate.

artmarth said...

Franzi asked Hiremath about the Carter taped comment.

Hiremath's response---I don't know anything about it and I can only speak for myself.

I didn't hear hear any unequivocal "no" from the candidate,

Carter has a bunch of shortcomings---including a BIG mouth, but did he make up this scenario, lie about it, or speak the truth.

I'll go with the latter.

Zev Cywan said...

astute gal, please don't insult the many fine residents of Leisure World by trying to foist an anal, belligerent, and useless Carter on them. The man has turned into a loon and Leisure World deserves better.

travelling dancer said...

I don't see Hiremath as a businessman. He is a dentist. A profession. The aspects of his Practice which are most compatable to business administration he delegates to a Management Company. So how hands on experience does he actually have runing a business. Filling teeth would not fall under that category.

freedom fighters said...

Traveling Dancer - I'd say hitting a nerve would qualify as a "no vote".

RC said...

Another possibility to this recording...

I agree that KC Carter talks WAY too much and often incorrectly

I agree that he seems desperate to retain some sort of "status" in this community

I agree that he was "fired" (as was Loomis) and neither have a place on the council

However, as I read Art's comment about a deal by Dr. Hiremath for Mr. Carter to be his day-time "Mayor" and compared that to the recording, I heard nothing about an appointment at all or being a "day-time Mayor".

If Mr. Carter has hounded Dr. H. about staying involved in the community and providing service as much as I have heard that he has..could it be that Dr. H may have suggested that he could stay involved by attending events? Mr. Carter, who I do not know personally, has dedicated the last six years to our Town and it certainly appears he wants to continue in some form or another. Is that wrong of him? Is there some conspiracy by him or Loomis to continue to pursue what they believe in...the betterment of our Community?

I agree that whatever each of these two gentlemen do, it should not be as an appointed councilmember. But I certainly did not hear anything like that in this recording.

Take a step back. I think your taking what you want to believe and using this recording as proof. However, in my opinion, it just doesn't fit.

artmarth said...

RC--- What exactly do you find to be ambiguous?

Was it: "Don't repeat that?"

Was it: "I'm gonna be his aide?"

Was it: "I'll take his day-time stuff?"

or, perhaps,

Was it: "He's agreed to this?"

It sure sounds like some "backroom deal" to us!

Victorian Cowgirl said...

I don't know if this backroom deal is illegal, but I do know that it's UNETHICAL.

Cyclone-1 previously stated that Zinkin's use of the logo was unethical, to which I pointed out that it's only unethical if you're AWARE that what you're doing is wrong.

So I must now ask Cyclone-1 what she thinks of this new "Carter-Gate" revelation.

If Hiremath "agreed to this," with THIS being appointing an aide who was just thrown out of office by the voters, isn't Hiremath AWARE of exactly what he's doing and isn't this unethical? Isn't this a big slap in the face to the voters?

And doesn't this play very well into Zinkin's comment that Hiremath doesn't have the time to be mayor if Hiremath is already seeking out someone to handle the "daytime stuff?"

Zinkin has the time, the experience and the integrity. Hiremath has none of these qualifications.

OV Objective Thinker said...

Isn't it interesting that according to the Stormwater Utility Commission records posted on the Town web site. there was NO meeting on March 18, 2010.

The Zee Man said...

OV Thinker,

Please reread the posting. The meeting was scheduled but did not take place because there was no quorum.

This is clearly stated in the posting and it is clear when one listens to the entire recorded event.

travelling dancer said...

OV Thinker, if you read 12 posts above you, you will clearly read Art state, that they were waiting around for a QUORUM. Sounds "fishey" to me. Everyone is aware that KC and Loomis are trying to lobby for Salette's Council seat. We the citizens voted them out so they should take a clue and respect the wishes of the voters.

Jay D said...

Art, I just had to weigh in on this conspiracy theory regarding KC and the possibility that he will serve as a "day time mayor." Reading the posts and the theories has been very entertaining. First let me say that any one of your readers who has listened to KC at all in the past, knows that he just rambles on...At a candidate forum,we all heard him say, "Oh *heck (*my word, not his), I can't remember that...I was all drugged up." This is the man you are going to believe when he makes crazy statements about working for/with Hiremath? Taking comments out of context, listening to just a piece of a conversation, and knowing the source in this audio tape is KC is a poor way to make an accurate conclusion regarding the true nature of the facts behind the comments, if there are any...remember, this is KC. (Your readers must not watch enough crime/law shows on TV to know that none of the "evidence" you all are presenting would be worth a darn in any court case!)

In another thread on this blog, there is a whole discussion about KC's letter to the Explorer. It is certainly possible that he had someone else write the letter for him. But personally, I think the letter is exactly written as KC talks...His use of pronouns (correctly and incorrectly) is typical and none of the forensic grammar/syntax/semantic evaluations your readers have done indicate to me that KC did not write that letter..."You people..."

If all of this hullabaloo (KC's letter and his audio comments you posted) was regarding someone I haven't been shaking my head about for quite some time, I might find some credence in the comments your readers have made. But for crying out loud...this is KC you are all talking about!!!

While this thread is very entertaining, this is not Watergate...This is an 80+ year old man who makes crazy comments, who is probably sad he will no longer be a part of the town government, and who has been known to ramble on endlessly...Personally, I feel there is no validity in this conspiracy theory.

I can only begin to predict the responses this post will bring...I just wanted to bring what I feel is some objective opinion to this "discussion" and am not interested in arguing with many of the posters who will disagree.

artmarth said...

Welcome back JayD--I thought you may have been gone forever, but it's good to have your contribution to our blog.

As Zeeman has indicated previously, he has the full tape of the whole discussion held at the time they were waiting for a quorum at the March Storm Water Commission meeting.

Did Carter lie? Did he hallucinate?
Was he--as you put it, "just rambling on?"

I know KC quite well. I know his good points and his bad. He may be a lot of things, but I have never known him to lie.

You can opine on this posting as you see fit. So will all our other readers.

Then---"What will be, will be."

Jay D said...

Art, thank you for your kind words "welcoming" me back...I just could not resist responding to this thread. While I do not know KC well as you say you do, I personally have witnessed inaccurate comments/words come out of his mouth! I do not believe when I witnessed this, he was lying; I truly believe he misunderstood what he saw and ran with it. That is just one of many reasons why I believe his comments at this Storm Water Commission meeting are nothing to get worked up about. KC is KC, enough said!

Nombe Watanabe said...

After reading JD's comments, I think it well may be that KC was just having an episode. I hope Dr. H would think twice about making KC his aid. That would be a very bad idea. As has been noted on this thread, the voters have consigned KC and the Mayor to the sidelines. Any effort to bring them back would be a slap in the face to the voting public.

artmarth said...

Nombe--- I certainly agree with your last comment ("a slap in the face")--but I hope you're not suggesting Carter is delusional.

Coy? Yes!
Cunning? Yes!
Vindictive? Yes!
Delusional? Hell, No!

He may have a hearing problem, and he may speak, when he should be listening, but KC knows what he's doing and what he's saying.

The question should be---who is not be truthful, and who has the better reason for not being truthful---KC or Satish?

It's one or the other---not both.

Mary Davis said...

As many of you know, it is my practice to only post on this blog when information regarding the Town is inaccurate. I thus feel compelled to point out the following:

Re: the question of Interim Town Manager Jerene Watson meeting with Mayoral candidate Satish Hiremath, only one meeting has ever taken place--it was on Aug. 12, 2009, at the request of Mr. Hiremath. It was a meeting held before the departure of Town Manager David Andrews and before Mr. Hiremath had formally announced his candidacy.

Since that time, no candidates have requested a meeting with the Interim Town Manager--her calendar is a matter of public record should anyone wish to request it. It is a common practice for candidates to meet with department directors, who report such meetings to the Town Manager.

As always, you may contact me should you have any other questions.

Bill said...

All of this is slimy politics. Dr. Hiremath is an honest, hard working person who will be just what we need. This kind of gutter politics should tell you just what Zinkin is about. Not trustworthy.

Zev Cywan said...

Having known the man for over four years,I don't think KC has changed very much. This has been and is a very sad person who seeks out acceptance and recognition. At one time, he appeared to be more coherent than he is now; at one time, because he sided with some of us, we thought he was our ally. KC has aged but his need for sense of self hasn't. Even before the David Andrews affair it became apparent to me that he was beginning to strike out at 'friends' because they wouldn't accept some of his 'ideas'; this graduated into full blown hostility towards his former 'confidants'. Several months ago I attended a forum given by a former 'enemy' of his at Sun City. KC kept 'popping up' wanting recognition for this, that, and whatever. "Coy", "cunning", "vindictive" and I will add, belligerent and angry - perhaps - but that was a bit of him probably for for the ages. What has changed is that he has nowhere to go, no one to hear him, his age has increased, and he is an empty soul.

artmarth said...

We're very appreciative to have Mary Davis, Oro Valley's Information Director partake in our blog.

Ms. Davis indicated she was compelled to comment because our
posting of "information regarding the town was inaccurate."

We stand by our posting that stated:

"Did Satish make a deal with Jerene Watson, (our interim Town Manager) over breakfast a week or so ago to appoint her full time Town Manager?"

We believe Ms. Davis either did not check with Ms. Watson or someone is "playing semantics."

We never said Ms. Watson held a meeting with Dr. Hiremath at Town Hall. We said they met for breakfast.

The date was Monday May 4. The place was Jerry Bob's on La Canada.

Perhaps Dr. Hiremath or Ms. Watson would like to share why they met and what they discussed.

I'm sure our readers would like to know.

Oro Valley Mom said...

I feel compelled to point out an inaccuarcy in Ms. Davis's statement. She writes of the "Aug. 12, 2009...meeting held before Mr. Hiremath had formally announced his candidacy."

Dr. Hiremath's candidacy was first announced by the Explorer in the April 8, 2009 edition. It was later re-announced in the July 22, 2009 edition, after Hiremath sent out a release "formalizing" his intent.

I'm not sure why Ms. Davis would write that the August 12, 2009 meeting was held before Hiremath announced his candidacy. I'm also pretty sure that she wouldn't write anything without first consulting with her boss, Ms. Watson.

Fear the Turtle said...

Why does a small town like Oro Valley need a communications department??

No way in heck I will believe anything from Davis after her interview on KVOA regarding the noise problem when OVM was being built. I just don't understand the low regard some town employees have for those that pay their salaries.

KC's statment is just a continuation on the lack of integrity that permates and soils the political process in OV. A thesis will be written based on this election, and will be an interesting read.

Mary Davis said...

Let me be as clear as I can: Ms. Watson has only ever met with Satish Hiremath one-on-one and it was on Aug. 12, 2009, at his request. On May 4th, Ms. Watson met with Public Works staff at 6:30a.m. to go on a crack seal project tour. She was not at Jerry Bob's for breakfast.

Perhaphs Mr. Hiremath was there, but it was not with Jerene Watson.

Again, if you would like to view Ms. Watson's calendar, please put forth a public records request and we'll be happy to release her appointments to you.

Mary Davis said...

OV Mom,
Thank you for the date correction. I did speak with Ms. Watson and we were unsure if Mr. Hiremath had announced at the time of their meeting. We appreciate your clarifying that.

However, the remainder of the information is correct, and I have clarified the dates and times with Ms. Watson.

artmarth said...

I spoke to two people this morning on the issue of the "breakfast meeting."

One was Mary Davis who reiterated the fact that Ms. Watson was NOT meeting with Dr Hiremath.

The other conversation was with the gentleman who was having breakfast at the time with two friends.

He has reiterated the fact that the three of them know what Ms. Watson looks like, and they insist she was there, only about 12' from them.

At this point, we'll let it go at that.

We can all believe what we will.

Victorian Cowgirl said...


Funny that you didn't think it was "slimy politics" when Hiremath LIED on his campaign flier about Zinkin's position on a property tax.

Funny that you didn't think it was "slimy politics" when Hiremath LIED again on this same topic at a Sun City gathering.

You call Hiremath an "honest" person, despite the fact that he has lied repeatedly.

You then accuse Zinkin of "gutter politics." Exactly what has Zinkin done that would qualify as "gutter politics?"

This thread is about Carter's comments on an audiotape and how those comments implicate Hiremath in a backroom deal. That has nothing to do with Zinkin.

Desert Voice said...

OV Mom,

Your post intrigued me.

If Ms Davis requested Jerene Watson's permission to post, Ms. Watson wants us to know that while PD unions were attacking David Andrews, Hiremath knew the plan to force Andrews out as manager. That leaves Loomis and/or KC as the probable informers. If my speculation is accurate, that means Hiremath is treacherous.

SH stated at candidate forums that he was against the way Andrews was handled leading voters to believe he would be more reasonable, compassionate.

We need to read his actions not his empty promises.


travelling dancer said...

My, hmmmm, after reading Mary Davis's comment, that Jerene met with Dr. Hiremath informaly on August 12, 2009, which is before the September Town Council debacle to get David Andrews to resign, I am a bit suspicious. Mary Davis mentioned that it was on Jerene's calendar, as a personal meeting.

Then, Jerene met with Dr. Hiremath at Jerry Bob's on May 4,2010, which was apparently her personal time. Mary has denied Jerene's meeting wth Dr. Hiremath, but there are several witnesses, so what does that lead an observor to think. Also what would compel Jerene to deny that she met with Dr. Hiremath. The plot thickens!!!

Oro Valley Mom said...

Ms. Davis,

Thank you for the correction. But the thing I don't understand is this: if you weren't sure of the dates, why would you even call it out?

Desert Voice,

Your post intrigued me, too. If I recall, it was August 13 when the cops unions secretly taped their meeting with the Town Manager. So why was SH meeting with JW on August 12?

Desert Voice said...

OV Mom,

Hmmm! Me thinks MDavis protests too much about the date, too.

So SH's meeting with Watson was the very day before Andrews was setup and taped! Very interensting!

Before T Rosen reiterated TOV's policy about paid employees not campaigning on work time for TOV politicians, the more logical person for SH to meet with would be Andrews.He completely sidestpepped that the very day before A was blindsided. Wow!

Speculating, Hiremath probably knew about the plan to tape Andrews to use against him. The OV Police FOP also endorsed Hiremath, right? What also is emerging is SH's backroom style of politicing.

Hiremath told voters he did not like how Andrews was forced out. Yet his behavior may indicate he knew and was in on it all along.

How cunning! How duplicitous! How unscrupulous! How Machiavellian!

Vote: Zinkin/Rabb

RC said...

Mary Davis,the Communications Administrator and the official "voice" for the Town of Oro Valley felt compelled to correct a comment that was incorrect when it involved Ms. Watson. She explained that when any information is incorrect, she needs to step in and correct. Wow. So, this makes me wonder:

* So any comment that is made on this blog about any Town Official (council/employees) that is NOT corrected by Mary Davis is accurate? (I wonder how the Officials feel about that?)

* And if not, why feel compelled on this matter regarding Ms. Watson to quickly correct?

* How much does Mary Davis get paid to read blogs?

* Regarding Ms. Watson's they accurately reflect what she actually did? In my profession, my calendar is a good game plan but is frequently changed throughout the day.

* Does Mary Davis, the communication professional for our Town not know that Satish Hiremath is a "Dr." not a "Mr."?

Reference the timing of meetings and the grand conspiracy theory speculated about in the last few comments...Again, Wow. That is quite a leap.

Desert Voice said...


Creative intuition, RC, takes responsibility for some of our best inventions. Ask Ben Franklin, Edison, I Newton, Galileo, B Gates. Logic and reason are not the only styles of intelligence. Oh yes,ask your mother what she thinks.

RC said...


On a previous post I was directed (possibly by you) to speak to my parents and on this post you suggest I speak to my mother. DV, I don't know what your "intuition" is telling you about me but I am well into middle age, retired after a 30 year career and sadly have lost my parents years ago. Your comment was painful and your intuition or as you refer to it as "intelligence" was incorrect. I would certainly appreciate you keep these types of comments off the blog. They are disrespectful and in this case inaccurate.

travelling dancer said...

RC Excuse me, my mother had passed away 12 years ago and some of my fondest memories of her were her "intuition" moments when on several occasions she came to my "rescue". This did not only happen to me, but also my friends. I don't believe DV meant for you to take it literally. RC is trying to apply logic to the August 12th meeting. where intuition is a "sixth" sense that may better explain the significance the meeting. I don't know why, woman appear to have this ability, except to protect thir "cubs" but I have seen it in action on many occasions. I would not have taken this comment personally. I would have taken it as simply a descriptive phrase not directed to anyone in particular.

RC said...

Thank you...I did not look at this comment in the light that you described. However, I do have to say that in reading the comments that I have read, I do not recall the reference to a parent before (and perhaps I just did not notice). I see your point and understand. I do hope you, and everyone else, can understand my position. I thought DV's comment was odd. Perhaps "intuition" is in the mind of the beholder..I was hopeful for a response to my comment that addressed the Town Spokesperson's involvement in this blog. Oh well, seems like this matter is no longer of interest. Tomorrow is a very big day!!!