Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oro Valley Resident Chooses Mike Zinkin & Matt Rabb For Mayor & Council

Jo Di Gennero analyzed the candidates and decided Mike Zinkin & Matt Rabb are the best choice for mayor and council. Her husband concurs. Read why in her Explorer letter.

In past, people of OV were 'taken for ride'

I am a recently retired, average Oro Valley citizen who was never involved with politics until now. I am learning as much as I can about the candidates so that I can become an educated voter. I am not part of a special interest group and I will not allow any special interest group to sway my vote.

I am worried about the future of my community. Things happened in the past that totally disregarded the views and opinions of the people who live here. I think citizens were "taken for a ride" and I don't want to see this continuing.

The coming election In Oro Valley is very important. I urge people to see through the "smoke screen" that is being created. It happened before, so I hope we don't let it happen again.

My husband and I will be voting for Mike Zinkin as mayor and Matthew Rabb for council. We feel that these are the only two candidates that we can count on to serve us, as citizens who live here, and not the interests of outside agencies that support the other candidates.

I can only pray that all other Oro Valley voters will become familiar with the candidate's views, see what special interest groups support them ( ask why) and then, cast an educated vote.

I would like to see a debate between the candidates but as to date, the other candidate has refused to debate with Mike Zinkin. We should wonder why the other candidate is not willing to do this.

Josephine Di Gennaro, Oro Valley

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