Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oro Valley Council To Discuss New Council Appointment In Executive Session May 5

We don't know how many of our readers noticed the amended town council agenda for the May 5 meeting.

It added the following:

Pursuant to A.R.S. section 38-431.03(A)(1) to discuss personnel matters related to appointment of a new Town council member to fill one vacancy with term effective until June 6, 2012

We hope the council will see fit to appoint Dr. Pat Spoerl to the vacancy.

Although we do not know Pat, we have observed her as a council person since her appointment a couple months ago, and are familiar with her prior service to the town.

We hope she will see fit to continue serving the community as a replacement for Ms. Latas, as she has certainly proved to be an articulate, intelligent and independent person.

Replacing Ms. Latas with another woman would also be a wise move (I hope that's not construed as a sexist remark)--and one THIS COUNCIL should make.

Can anyone think of another person, willing and able to serve, with the credentials Pat brings to the table? (Well, maybe Bill Adler would be one.)

Hopefully, this will be an opportunity for Bill Garner, Barry Gillaspie and the outgoing Mayor Loomis & KC Carter, and the newly appointed, Mary Snider,to do something good for the community.

We'll see.

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