Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Guess Who Finally Agreed To A Mayoral Debate?

We won't say it was our posting "Five Very Good Reasons To Vote For Mike Zinkin As Oro Valley Mayor," in which we noted that Mike requested on at least three occasions to debate Dr. Hiremath, but, now at almost the "eleventh hour" he agreed.

Oh well! As the saying goes,better late than never.

The fact is that almost everyone that would have voted, will have already voted, but for those still undecided, it may be a good opportunity for you to see why we so enthusiastically support Mike Zinkin.

The particulars still need to be worked out, but the debate is scheduled to take place at the Hilton El Conquistador on Friday, May 14 at 5:30PM.

As we all know, the election at the polls is on May 18 for those without early ballots.


Victorian Cowgirl said...

It was speculated among Zinkin supporters that this was Hiremath's plan. First try to get out of the debate by spending two weeks ignoring Zinkin's repeated phone calls requesting a debate PRIOR to the mail-in ballots being sent out, then spend another couple of weeks making excuses for why they shouldn't or can't hold a debate, then after X amount of people have already sent in their ballots, and Hiremath's refusal to debate is made public...THEN he'll change his mind and agree to the debate.

I heard that there were enough mail-in ballots for the election to be decided by the mail-in vote and that this was the reason that Hiremath, if he agreed to debate at all, would wait until as close to May 18th as possible before agreeing.

Desert Voice said...


Very interesting insight...

Maybe SH's team needed to form positions that he will present
because the Hiremath/Waters/Hornat team rarely articulated their platform.

I'm inking in the date. Thanks for posting it, Art!