Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another Good Reason To Vote For Mike Zinkin As Oro Valley Mayor

It has come to our attention that Dr. Hiremath's Treasurer filed a formal complaint with the Oro Valley Town Attorney concerning Mike Zinkin's inadvertent use of the town seal on one of his mailings.

The Town Attorney responded by stating that any reasonable observer would understand that Mike's mailing would not be confused with an official Oro Valley document, especially since it stated "Paid For By The Commitee To Elect Mike Zinkin." As such, there is no basis for a civil penalty as requested by the Hiremath campaign.

We want all our readers to differentiate the two candidates and their respective campaigns.

Mike Zinkin could have, and probably should have filed an official complaint when Hiremath's advertising made a false claim concerning Mike's position on a property tax. (Mike is against a property tax!)

Additionally, it is questionable whether or not Hiremath violated the Oro Valley sign code while positioning himself and his supporters on the four corners of Oracle rd & Magee holding campaign signs trying to solicit votes.

Mike's supporters told him him about this incident, but Mike only said, he would not make it an issue. Mike determined there are enough IMPORTANT issues that he can raise in differentiating himself from the other candidate.


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Victorian Cowgirl said...

More evidence that Zinkin is a class act while Hiremath is desperate to win any way he can.