Sunday, May 2, 2010

An Invitation To Meet Mike Zinkin--Tue May 4 at 6:30PM

We were asked if we would post this, and certainly agreed to do so. Perhaps those voters that have not decided who is the best candidate, and those detractors of Mike Zinkin that heard rumors or innuendos might want to stop and say hello, courtesy of Guiliana. We truly believe if you meet Mike, you'll vote for Mike.

Here is her invite.

Hello friends in Oro Valley,
We have an election coming up, and I've decided to try to be informed and participate beyond just voting.
I'm planning on hosting a short evening get together with Mike Zinkin. This would be a great opportunity to ask questions and find out where one of our candidates really stands on issues that may be important to you. I know I want my vote to count, and for my choice to be an informed one.

Would you consider joining me at my home next week, Tuesday May 4th, at 6:30PM, for a glass of wine or tea and some Q and A?

Please RSVP, and feel free to invite any one you think might be interested.

Thanks - and hope you can make it!
51 W. Greenock Dr.

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