Sunday, May 2, 2010

Five Very Good Reasons To Vote For Mike Zinkin As Oro Valley Mayor

For those friends and neighbors that have not yet voted, please consider the following five reasons to vote for Mike Zinkin.

Additionally, we hope you'll see fit to cast only one vote for town council----that would be Matt Rabb.

Why you should vote for Mike Zinkin:

EXPERIENCE Only Mike has the background and experience to lead us. Mike served the community as a volunteer on The Development Review Board. He took and graduated twice from the Citizen's Planning Institute. He served on other committees and task forces.

His competitor has no resume whatsoever as it concerns Oro Valley government.

Mike has so much more knowledge about the issues that will confront the new mayor. Mike knows that you don't balance a budget by dipping into your contingency fund.

His competitor takes the position that you do just that: You need money; take it from the contingency fund and worry about it next time.

TIME TO SERVE Mike is retired and can spend whatever time is necessary to do the job the people of Oro Valley want and need.

His competitor has a full time dental practice. Regardless of what he may say, his time will be split on two important endeavors.

DEBATES Mike asked on at least three occasions to debate the other candidate. His request fell on deaf ears. Why? We think it's because Mike would allow the people to see how much knowledge he has; how much experience he has, and how much time he has to serve.

His competitor comes up short on all three criteria.

ENDORSEMENTS Mike has endorsements from the citizens of Oro Valley. Mike will be beholden to only the citizens, and NO Special Interest Group.

His competitor is proud to mail out "glitzy" postcards showing all his endorsements----The OV Police Union, The North TUCSON Firefighter union, North PIMA Chamber of Commerce, TUCSON Chamber of Commerce, TUCSON Assoc. of Realtors, and Southern AZ Homebuilders Assoc.

Notice the names. Other than the police union, not one entity is in Oro Valley. Their interests are not our interests; that's for sure.

Notice one more thing:

In the past year, every single one of these groups addressed the Oro Valley Council concerning a self-serving request, that would not serve the best interests of the overwhelming majority of homeowners.

PLEASE----Do what's best for the people of Oro Valley.

One last thing--- Please pass this message on to all your friends & neighbors. We hope to reach every Oro Valley voter.

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