Saturday, May 1, 2010

Look What Pima County Has Planned For Ina Rd and Oracle Rd Intersection

We received this email and being we all travel on and thru the Ina rd/Oracle rd intersection, we thought our readers would be interested in what's planned for this intersection. It "ain't pretty."


Learned last night from Rick Ellis (PCDOT) and Supervisor Day that this is what is going to be implemented at the Ina/Oracle Intersection - Ina Rd (only) will be employing the "Michigan Left." (You may think I am kidding but this is the honest-to-God truth.)

If you are heading East on Ina and want to head north on Oracle, you will pass thru the intersection, crank a U at a special traffic signal to be installed where-they-are-not-sure-yet, and then merge right and turn right (north) onto Oracle.

As if that right-hand turn lane isn't busy enough at 5:30 PM - I've seen it back up almost to Westward Look.

Same if you are heading west on Ina and want to head south on Oracle. (Honestly, are they going to put in another signal between Oracle and Assisi/Paseo del Norte? Or maybe redo that intersection?)

Apparently this is a done deal - the County has already purchased the Shell Station on the NEC.

Rick said that a semi should be able to make the U-turn. (So how about a ladder truck? And won't this be a plus for law enforcement....)

Oracle Rd will have the customary 2 lefthand turn lanes each way onto Ina.

(At least OV was courteous enough to notify the neighbors - even the ones who were not OV residents - and ask their opinion regarding the new traffic circle at Hardy/Northern. By the time we learn of the County's Michigan Left, it is a fait accompli.)

Boggles my mind.



The Zee Man said...

I wonder... What, exactly, is the traffic problem they are going to alleviate?

Because, this is going to add to the traffic problem.

Not make it better.

Mark said...

My suggestion to those of you who are worried about this potential Michigan Left intersection is to contact the Pima County Department of Transportation directly and get the facts. You still may not like what you hear, but at least you will have accurate information. It's possible that there is much more to this than what is posted and believe it or not, there could even be some good, positive reasons for this potential traffic change!

Nombe Watanabe said...

Sounds like fun, zoom through the intersection, lean left, down shift, hit the gas, use the old gas station to power up and off we go to OV. Hone of Loony Loomis, no non-chain restaurants, no stores beyond national schlock, no entertainment of interest and WAL MKT!......snore.

Kathy Pastryk said...

Fact is, it sounds like another "done deal" foisted on the unsuspecting public without notice or discussion.

Is this the way most towns are run-- or is it another pipe-dream envisioned by Mayor Loomis?

The election is in two weeks. If you can see the danger of having Hiremath as Loomis's puppet or as the Chamber of Commerce puppet, have a talk with people who haven't voted yet. Bring them up to speed on why people are fed up with Loomis's "done deals." Remind them of W-M, the WALL, & very possibly what sounds like a MI traffic-stopping fiasco.

And Vote Zinkin.

Nombe Watanabe said...

Is Oracle/Ina in Oro Valley?

artmarth said...

"No." That may be one of the few things that we can't blame on Mr. Loomis.

That may be another reason why so many of us don't trust Pima County in an annexation of Arroyo Grande.

Nombe Watanabe said...

Pima county? Oh yes, if Prop 100 fails, they plan to increase prop. taxes so they can keep the jails running.

How many inmates are in the lock up due to so called "victimless crime" ?