Wednesday, May 5, 2010

No Surprise In Explorer Mayor Endorsement

We believe Dave Perry, Editor & Publisher of The Explorer is an honorable man.

We also think he is a pretty smart businessman.

That is why, once again, we find ourselves of different sides of an issue. It's not the first time, and most likely won't be last time we question Mr. Perry's editorials.

This time, it is his support for Satish Hiremath for OV mayor.

Why is it smart for The Explorer to come out for this candidate?

How many people pay for a subscription to this newspaper? We don't know anyone that does.

How does The Explorer survive? The answer is "advertising."

Who is perceived as the best pal of the business community; the one candidate that has endorsements from the both the Tucson & N. Pima Chamber of Commerce?

Does anyone think it is in the best interests of The Explorer for them to endorse Mike Zinkin, the candidate that believes our General Plan & Town Codes MUST be adhered to?

Our blog has NO advertising. We are beholden to no one. We are two OV senior citizens completely independent.


Please consider this before you vote---if you haven't already done so.

Here's The editorial.


Zev Cywan said...

Having been and continuing to be a steadfast supporter of Mike Zinkin, I cannot accept the assertion that the reason or one of the reasons the Explorer endorsed Satish Hiremath is that this might effect their ability to gain business advertising. When knowledgeable businesspersons operate in a manner beneficial to them, they will utilize whatever means they deem necessary in order to maintain or increase their spectrum of available opportunities to do so no matter whomsoever an entity might endorse.

One major fault that I do find in the Explorer's endorsement statement is bringing out what I deem to be a speculative conclusion relative to Mike Zinkin's service on his homeowners' association. Having myself been a member of several such associations, no matter who is 'in charge', things can get ugly at times. Even Seinfeld parodied this 'equation' in one of his more infamous episodes. So, for me, this assertion relative to his qualifications should not have been listed as a factor.

artmarth said...

Especially since one of the letter writers allegedly was impeached by the homeowners.

So much for his credibility.

I too thought it was "interesting" that Mr. Perry saw fit to allude to that issue in making his determination as to which candidate could better serve the people of Oro Valley.

Anonymous said...

I read the editorial as a very mild endorsement. This way he can placate his advertisers while attempting to maintain some credibility with the general public. From my seat I see a mild endorsement by him to be self-serving. He seems to have really tried to be objective but couldn't quite make it.

I'm Thinking, It's Time for Zinkin

Nombe Watanabe said...

I like the Explorer. Makes nice fish wrap for trash day.

Desert Voice said...

Perry touts himself for following up on his sources. He's demonstrated his own human frailty with this endorsement.

"Actions speak louder than words."

Yes, Hiremath articulates well. But Dave, can you match the corresponding actions with his words? I can't.

How can you justify his outright misrepresentations on the property tax? Where were you when Zinkin and Hiremath spoke at public forums or was Mc Namara covering those forums for you?

The beautiful, the popular, the brightest all have their detractors. Even if you abide by the "HOA three threats", please notice that none of them was brave enough to go on the record independently. They needed the other two to join them to write the letter, a little cowardly I'd say. Dave, did you "listen" to the fact that they were threatened with legal action for stopping the changes authorized by the HOA? A legitimate fine of thousands of dollars might make you vote for the opposition.

Dave, your answers to these questions might determine your readership for the coming year.

Maybe Nombe was right, the Explorer is good to dispose of old fish.