Wednesday, May 5, 2010

KC Carter ---As Vindictive As Ever!

First, "lame duck" Carter turned on his fellow Council Members, Bill Garner, Barry Gillaspie and Salette Latas.

Next to get the wrath was his very good friend David Andrews, who Carter saw fit to remove from his position as our Town Manager.

Now, Carter comes after Mike Zinkin.

Is it any wonder Carter finished 6th out of seven candidates in his lame attempt to seek reelection to the Town Council?

All he does in his Explorer letter is repeat old "garbage." Carter is not smart enough to realize that Mike Zinkin will NOT lose votes by upholding the Town Codes and the General Plan. As a sitting council member, you would think Carter would understand that simple credo.

Here's his letter----if anyone cares.

Zinkin actions were delays for OV businesses

This letter is written by myself as a voter and a citizen of Oro Valley.

Mike Zinkin in his talks has put forth the image that he is for small business and will aid them in the work of getting plans approved, etc.

I have followed and attended the majority of the Development Review Board meetings. As chair of DRB, Mr. Zinkin needs to explain his votes on several issues that delayed the plans and work for construction. Examples include decisions on Arbys using Yokohama Rice bowl existing building, the shade of brown to be used on Wal-Mart stores, and whether palm trees planned for the In-And-Out Burger site could be used. All of these substantially delayed the project completions and contributed to the "hard to work with" perception that business people have had with Oro Valley.

Another item, which has amazed me, is his coming out with a major decision on the existing Kai land and by flyer putting out the message that he would do his best to control any use of the land other than what the local neighbors want.

It should also be noted that neither Mr. Zinkin nor Mr. Rabb were sufficiently interested in next year's budget to attend the April 24 Saturday budget study session. Mr. Hiremath, Waters and Hornat were all in attendance and contributed with questions.

And we understand that a complaint has been filed regarding Mr. Zinkin's unauthorized use of the town's seal in campaign literature that was mailed to town residents.

One thing that you learn at an early date is that there are seven voters on the council and four will do a majority and can vote in an item.

Looking forward to the up and coming election results and the outcome of the end results.

KC Carter, Oro Valley


Victorian Cowgirl said...

Why did he feel the need to open with, "this letter is written by myself." It gave me the impression that he was covering for the fact that someone else actually wrote the letter for him. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but later he says, "we understand that a complaint has been filed." OK. Who's "we?" Seemed like an inadvertent admission that he did not author that letter alone.

As for the Kai property, all I've heard Zinkin state is that he will follow the voter-approved General Plan. This is a bad thing? Sounds like KC thinks developers' wants should supersede the wants of the voters and nearby landowners.

He mentions that Zinkin wasn't at the April 24th budget session while Hiremath was, but conveniently leaves out that Zinkin WAS at the ALL-DAY budget retreat in January which Hiremath left at noon.

So if missing a meeting is a red flag for Carter, then he should be voting for Zinkin since Hiremath has missed many more town meetings than Zinkin has.

Nombe Watanabe said...

God, I thought we had heard the last of this loser.

Anonymous said...

dear k. c.

perhaps you have never heard the old adage--

" better to keep your mouth shut and thought a fool, than to open it up and remove all doubt."

Now that you have heard it, heed it.

Oro Valley Mom said...

The letter was obviously written by somebody other than Carter, and he is being used.

Judge for yourself the stark contrast between the grammar and syntax in this letter and other writing attributed to Carter.

These are the comments that Carter sent to the Explorer for publication in the February 3 edition:

"I think we should concentrate on new business coming to Oro Valley with a good volume of sales and use this as additional revenue. Example: I have mentally kicked around an upscale car marketing unit not like a used car lot but you would order your car by model-specification, etc."

"I am not a believer on property tax. Success at trying this is a high risk of trying to sell the public on the need for and the proper use of the tax money. Property tax would delay future firms looking at Oro Valley to build in this area and it must be a positive need for this type of tax."

"My approach is to review in detail all of our operations and look at items that are costly and do not produce the desired dollars required to make it a success, Take the department and review the job being done and at what expense to the town. This will take some time, but would streamline the units."

"Two areas that need to be protected is the item on safety. Review this in detail and make corrections if you see some abuse. Another is to keep the water department moving like it is and review some additional areas for streamlining."

Victorian Cowgirl said...

Oro Valley Mom,

I also noticed the difference in grammar and syntax in this most recent letter when compared to other letters he's submitted in the past. That, coupled with the two comments he made, "this letter is written by myself" and "we understand" all point to the conclusion that he was not the letter writer.

So who actually wrote it and why did they not want their own name attached to it? THAT'S the big question.