Thursday, May 6, 2010

PLEASE! Do Not Allow Special Interest Money To Buy The Oro Valley Mayoral Election

Anyone that opens the NW section of today's Az Daily Star can't miss the full page advertisement paid for the Hiremath for OV Mayor Committee.

It's good for him that he has the money to spend in his quest to get elected, including one "Super-PAC contribution in the amount of $2,080.

PLEASE! Be a smart voter. Do NOT ALLOW Special Interest Groups to buy our election.



Mike can NOT afford full page ads or as many mailings, or as many signs that seem to be at every corner, including some properties that belong to developers.

Let the Oro Valley citizens decide what's best for us.



Nombe Watanabe said...

You know, I always thought that Mr. Zinkin would be a good mayor but I was not a fanboi like some of the bloggers here. But after looking at the Dr's full page ad in the paper(s), I am now convinced that Dr. H is truly not the guy we want to lead us in these difficult times. Something about his financial support base is just not right. I support business, I want MORE commercial diversity here in the OV, but, I don't think
Dr. H is the person he says he is or even the person he thinks he is.

artmarth said...

Nombe--- Satish asked to meet with me soon after he announced his candidacy.

I found him to be an honorable, caring young man that truly wanted to do good for Oro Valley.

He was also very personable and my biggest problem with him was those individuals in and around our government that Satish thought so highly of.

In the months subsequent to our meeting, I have seen dramatic changes in Satish, and the changes were not good.

I honestly believe the problem is that he wants so badly to be the mayor, that he got involved with others that have their own self-serving interests, and are using Satish to gain their own foothold within our government through Satish.

So, yes, I agree with your assessment.

Satish is NOT the person he was and he is not the person he says he is.

The old Satish was worthy of being our mayor. The Satish of today is NOT worthy of serving us.

Desert Voice said...


There is a feeling of naivete in the SH that you describe, well meaning but untried. While young from our perspective as we are "vintage" among younger mortals, it is surprising that he's allowing himself to be manipulated by his backers. Forty-something, he is idealistic and ripe for political string pullers.

Zinkin, with fewer financial resources, will emerge from the campaign as noble. He had the opportunity to file against the councilwoman who complained about him on his use of the Town logo. He maturely accepted responsibility, took the financial hit and moved on. Zinkin declined to file a complaint against SH for having four people campaign on four corners of Oracle without a legal permit to do so. He also said at the beginning of the race, that he thought he and Satish could be friends. One wonders now how he feels. He could have taken dollars from big backers but remained steadfast to his word, to remain independent of political debts to big backers. Perry of the Explorer, whose bias was clear to the perceptive reader, from the start invited him to be interviewed and not surprisingly backed SH. In the spirit of sportsmanship he has told business that if they don't vote for him that won't change the way he will treat them when he is elected. Now that is a real statement of class.

While SH might be a very nice person, his political views remain unrevealed. What is very scarey is that more and more of Hiremath's documented misrepresentations hit the news.It is reminiscent of feeding time in a shark tank with great thrashing for the meal. Thrashing, throwing money at the goal of getting the vote, but little substance.

I concur with both Nombe and Art that Zinkin's getting in depends on each and every voter to get to the polls even if we can't donate to the cause or walk for him, we can vote for him and get everyone else we know to do the same.

As Art said "other backers" have literally thrown money to Satish and will expect return favors...We need to stand behind Zinkin to keep that basic American freedom of the voice of the people alive, listened to and forming American government.