Thursday, April 1, 2010

Salette Latas Resigns From Oro Valley Town Council

We have learned that Salette Latas resigned her position as an Oro Valley Council Member,effective immediately.

Salette indicated that her action was taken for personal reasons.


Jay D said...

Wow! Now what? I will be interested to hear how her position will be filled.

An OV Citizen said...

I would think that Raabs, Waters, and Hornat now all have seats and no election for council would be necessary. Not sure whatelse could be done at this point.

artmarth said...

For clarification, there were two previous resignations---Abbott & Kunisch that were filled by appointment.

The existing six council members may see fit to appoint a replacement, or, perhaps wait until the run-off election next month.

OV Citizen is mistaken Only the top two candidates will be seated. That is not to say, the new council can not appoint the third place finisher, (or anyone else as long as they meet the criteria to serve.)