Thursday, April 1, 2010

Az Star Op-Ed: Anonymity Poisonous To Newspaper Message Boards

We thought our readers that may have missed Leonard J. Pitts Jr. Op-Ed in today's Az Star might want to read it.

We couldn't agree more, especially since we experience the same issues on our LOVE blog.

Is there an answer to these anonymous attacks by --- quoting Mr. Pitts; "Giving people a way to throw rocks and hide their hands?"

We believe there is, and if it doesn't stop we will take whatever steps we deem appropriate.

Here's is what Mr. Pitts has to say.


Victorian Cowgirl said...

I tried to open this article, but got a message saying, "Page not found."

Nombe Watanabe said...

NUTS TO THE OP ED. (which is not on the link)

I don't want my my neighborhood to know my political thoughts. I don't want ANYONE to know ANYTHING about me. I even shred the address labels on magazines.

Please note that most participants on blogs, newsfeeds, product reviews, and what have you do not use true names.

I have an email address on my name tag on this blog and anyone who wishes to contact me may do so. I think that is sufficient. If I like them, I might respond.

"got me an office
gold records on the wall
please leave a message
maybe I'll call.' - Joe Walsh

artmarth said...

Sorry about the link. It is available now.


Jay D said...

I read this article in the paper this morning and thought of this blog. But Art, it seems that even the blogmasters are guilty of anonymous attacks, since both you and the Zee Man use fake names and have accused other posters of different things. Regular readers may have figured out your real names, but if you notice MOST of your posters use made up names. Blogging is the new form of bullying...anonymous and safe for the bully.