Friday, April 2, 2010

Salette Latas Allows Us To Post Her Resignation Letter Of April 1

We appreciate that Salette is allowing us to post her resination letter to the Town Council, Interim Town Manager, Town Attorney and Town Clerk.

We appreciate Salette's hard work and dedication on behalf of her constituents.

We wish her well in the future.
Dear Town Council,

I regret to inform you that I am resigning from the Council effective today.

The economic challenges that have affected our Town have also affected me personally. For the past few months, I have focused my efforts on rebuilding my economic security. In so doing, I have come to the realization that I will no longer have the time required to devote to my council duties. My energies need to be focused on my family and on earning a living.

I have worked hard to serve Oro Valley, and I have always done what I felt was in the best interests of the Town and its residents. We have had our challenges. We’ve also had successes for which I will always be grateful, including:

Adopting the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan
Adopting the Arroyo Grande General Plan Amendment with over 68% open space protected and without an electrical substation in the wildlife corridor
Adopting a residential solar ordinance requiring installation of solar-ready measures in new construction
Adopting a residential gray water ordinance requiring installation of gray water plumbing in residential construction
Amending the commercial landscaping code to require water harvesting and other water conservation measures
Working with the business community to address their number one concern—education—resulting in the recruitment of the nationally-renowned Basis Charter School to Oro Valley
Developing the Park & Ride facility in Rancho Vistoso using RTA funds
Lobbying for state and federal listing of Steam Pump Ranch on the Register of Historic Places
Lobbying for state and federal funding for preserving Steam Pump Ranch, and approving local funding for emergency stabilization
Approving the historic garden project at Steam Pump Ranch, using private funding and volunteer labor
Providing funding for the Community Food Bank for two years
Allowing model airplanes to be flown at Naranja Town Site
Adopting development impact fees so that current residents wouldn’t be forced to subsidize new development
Implementing a hiring freeze to minimize future layoffs
Adopting more stringent requirements for mayor and council trip reports
Adopting a council-appointed art review commission
Approving the Town as a signatory to the U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement
Approving the Town’s participation in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Challenge to reduce energy consumption in all town facilities
Authorizing the RTA Wildlife Linkage Crossings Study, and supporting the RTA Wildlife Linkages Project Funding proposal
Honoring the wishes of our residents and acknowledging the economic contributions of our scientific community by upholding our zoning code regarding wall sign illumination
Directing staff to provide video streaming for all meetings in the council chambers to improve public participation and transparency
Approving a Zoning Code text amendment to add public participation and standard operating procedures
I thank you for the confidence in me that you showed by unanimously appointing me to serve on the Arroyo Grande Negotiation Team, the 2008 Volunteer Recognition Selection Committee, the 2008 Community Funding Subcommittee, and the 2008 and 2009 Employee Forum Subcommittee.

This has been a very difficult decision for me, and I know that you’ll understand my personal struggle in determining what is best for everyone concerned. I thank you for your understanding and your support as I venture into this new endeavor.

I’m leaving the Town in the very competent hands of our talented Interim Town Manager and a Town Council that I’m confident will remain focused on the people of our community. Personally and professionally, I wish you well in the coming months and years, as you work to make the best decisions for our community.

Finally, I humbly thank you for working with me to move our Town forward in a positive direction.

With sincerest best wishes,

Salette Latas


Chuck Davis said...

You have done a great job for the citizens of OV, your contributions are many and you will be missed.

Kathy Pastryk said...

Good luck to Salette as she goes on with her life. Her list of accomplishments is testimony to how very fortunate we were to have her work for us.

travelling dancer said...

wish her the best. She did some great things for the town, she will be missed. I will her well on her new endevours.

Fear the Turtle said...

She had the moxie to not only get a staunch Republican to vote for her, but also get him involved in her campaign. It wasn't about any political party, it was what was best for OV.

She hopefully will be back.

I'm just not sure how the demands on a truly devoted mayor or council person can be balanced with a career and family.
The answer is it can't and our current system is antiquated and needs to be revised.

We will lose the best and get stuck with the rest.

Nombe Watanabe said...

Fear the Turtle, I agree 100%, we are stuck with the rest. I feel we have taken one step in the right direction and, now, two steps back. If my house was not worth 350,00 less than I paid for it, I would be out of here.

Stuck and Trapped - NW

Victorian Cowgirl said...

I wish Salette the best, but with her departure, I fear for the future of Oro Valley. Bill and Barry can't do it alone. We will need Mike Zinkin now more than ever if we are to have any hope of having a balanced council, not run by special interests. I hope everyone who voted for Salette will keep her vision alive by electing Mike Zinkin for Mayor and Matt Rabb for council.

The Zee Man said...


We could not agree more.

Look for our interview of Matt Rabb later this week.