Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oro Valley Resident Says "Hiremath Ad Is Disingenuous & Misleading""

Babbara Ansell's letter to The Explorer says that Satish Hiremath's recent ad is "disingenuous and misleading." Keep in mind, she is not even alluding to his flyer where he makes a false claim about being the ONE candidate against a Property Tax.

Anyone else see a trend here? Not a good trend by a man known for having integrity.


Hiremath ad disingenuous, misleading

On April 22, a disturbing advertisement, paid for by the “Dr. Satish Hiremath for Oro Valley Mayor Committee,” appeared in the Northwest section of the Arizona Daily Star. It stated: “Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, agree: Dr. Satish Hiremath is the best qualified candidate in the non-partisan election for Mayor of Oro Valley.”

This ad would be humorous if it weren’t so alarming. Humorous because, of course, there is no evidence presented for the supposed conclusion, and therefore could be perceived as just silly. But it is alarming because one wonders if this is the kind of consensus that Satish Hiremath professes he will build in the town council and within the Town of Oro Valley.

Will he just say that something is true despite evidence to the contrary or a complete absence of evidence? One is reminded of others’ attempts at this type of mis/dis-information: “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction;” “Barack Obama is not a U.S. citizen;” “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

What evidence did Satish Hiremath collect to support his conclusion? How did he collect it? This is of some concern because he has made it clear that he doesn’t like to attend meetings. As mayor, how will he gather information and opinions for making decisions and for presenting the point of view of the Town of Oro Valley? Although meetings are not always the best or most efficient way to collect information, they can be an effective and transparent means of doing so. Will he simply decide what he thinks is correct or appropriate and then present it as if others agreed with him or as if his conclusions were correct?

Everyone should be concerned about this matter because his advertisement is decidedly disingenuous and misleading.

Barbara Ansell, Oro Valley

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