Wednesday, April 28, 2010

DRB Member Sets The Record Straight On Mike Zinkin' s ServiceTo Oro Valley

The letter from Mr. Schoeppach to The Explorer speaks for itself. Next time Ms. Andersen writes something---or has someone write something for her, she might want to do it truthfully.


Zinkin’s view reflects the needed balance

I read with great surprise Jill Anderson’s letter “No way Zinkin a pro-business OV candidate.” As a fellow member of the Oro Valley Development Review Board, I’ve viewed Ms. Anderson as a reasonable colleague, so her letter seemed out of character.

Ms. Anderson used the May 12, 2009, DRB meeting when “Wal-Mart requested a paint color change” to show Mike Zinkin as not being pro-business while chair of the DRB. Meeting minutes (accessible on the town’s web-site) reveal that Ms. Anderson got her facts completely wrong. The minutes report Ms. Anderson was not present at this meeting, yet she describes what happened. Mike was not the meeting chairperson, Tom Gribb was. Town staff actually recommended against granting the color change because it “was not in compliance with the approved MACP.” Mike made no motion denying Wal-Mart’s request. I did, because granting the request “would violate the trust of the people in the community.”

The minutes don’t reflect Mike made comments on the issue, only that I, Chairperson Gribb and member Buette (who supported Wal-Mart) did so. The staff recommendation passed 5-1.

Ms. Anderson has a right to her opinion, but I believe her allegation is only as credible as the example she cites supporting it. I served on the board during most of Mike’s tenure as chairperson and never observed what Ms. Anderson alleges. He sometimes asked applicants questions they may have not been comfortable having raised, because the design guideline element was being violated. All members of the board have an obligation to raise such questions.

Mike Zinkin’s perspective represents the balance citizens of Oro Valley need in its mayor — the understanding the town must become more supportive of business, while maintaining reasonable development standards that make our community the livable place we all enjoy. Mike Zinkin’s actual record reveals that’s the person he is, not the person Ms. Anderson inaccurately portrayed.

Michael R. Schoeppach, Oro Valley


OinStarr said...

The minutes of this particular meeting do not reflect the tone of the actual meeting. I listened to the audio last week and also read the minutes. Some of you may want to do the same.

If a board member wasn't in attendance at a particular meeting I would think it would be necessary to listen to the meeting since that memeber would be voting to approve minutes at some point. I've heard council members say they review tapes even when they have attened meetings. So this would not be so unusual.

Also, in line with the business friendly theme, if anyone cares to listen to the end of this meeting, Mike also comments that he is disappointed that enforcement of the sign code had not yet taken place after bringing it up 60 days prior.

I also went back to a previous posting. Mike may not have made the motion to deny this request at DRB, but he later implored council to deny it.

The Post: Walmart Gets Color Change Approval With A 6-1 Council Approval

We recently did a posting where Mike Zinkin, former Chairman of the Development Review Board, implored the council to turn down Walmart's request for a color change......

Opinions are not fact and don't set the record straight. They just confuse the issues.

Victorian Cowgirl said...


Could you clarify this comment you made:

Also, in line with the business friendly theme...Mike also comments that he is disappointed that enforcement of the sign code had not yet taken place after bringing it up 60 days prior.

Are you saying that he is not business friendly because he expected enforcement of the sign code?

Vistoso Val said...

Hurray for another member of the DRB for setting the record straight.

He is the second person I have heard state that the misinformation given by Jill Anderson didn't sound like her. I wonder for whom she wrote that vitriolic diatribe about a meeting she did not even attend!!

Honesty and truth are so important that it is extremely foolish to expose yourself as someone who is NOT telling the truth and DOESN'T know what she is talking about.

So many people admire Mike Zinkin and his background and support of Oro Valley citizens that we are delighted to have the record set straight!

travelling dancer said...

How come no one is discussing what went on at the Greater Oro Valley Arts Council, when due to Dr Hiremath's behaviour, half of his Board of Directors left, and GOVAC went down the tubes. The only individual that seemed to do anyting postive for GOVAC was Al Cook. I have many friends who used to volunteer for that Organization and it ended up in financial disaray.

artmarth said...

Perhaps one reason nobody discusses GOVAC--- Greater ORO VALLEY Arts Council, is because GOVAC "ain't no more."

After Oro Valley supported this organization for years with tens of thousands of our tax dollars, the first thing they did was use outside of Oro Valley venues.

As many of us know, the next step was a name change. "Oro Valley" wasn't good enough. Now it's the Southern Arizona Arts & Cultural Alliance.

So be it! So much for Dr. Hiremath's leadership qualities.