Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Three Votes For Hiremath. How Many Disagree?

Well---if you read this letter to The Explorer, you'll have no doubt that Satish Hiremath has three votes. We must wonder what the rest of the Canada Hills Village 15 homeowners think about Mike. Are these the ONLY three Hiremath supporters in the whole community of 100+?


Dealing with Zinkin makes everyone angry

Dr. Satish Hiremath is our choice for mayor of the Town of Oro Valley.

Dr. Satish Hiremath has a successful dentistry business, and is a very active volunteer, leading GOVAC for several years. His business is thriving. GOVAC has matured into a successful regional organization under his guidance. Both jobs require detailed financial planning and personnel interaction. Getting consensus is mandatory. Leadership skills are required — working with people is the job.

Mike Zinkin was an air traffic controller for many years and has been a baseball umpire for 40 years. I have no doubt that he was a very fine air traffic controller and that he is a great baseball umpire; you can't do those badly or you are not asked to continue. They require one to make repeated, instantaneous, black and white decisions without consulting anyone. The decisions must be communicated instantly as unquestioned orders. No leadership skills are required to guide airplanes or to call strikes.

Mr. Zinkin interacts with our homeowners association —with mostly legitimate concerns — more than anyone else in our tract. Every time he does so, he does it in such a manner that everyone gets angry. The natural response is to just say no. If Mr. Zinkin were elected to the HOA board, we would resign immediately. He's impossible to work with.

Seven years ago, Mr. Zinkin was on the HOA board. He and another board member were censured after they cost the HOA several thousand dollars by their actions. They escaped being sued for malfeasance on a technicality. He has not served on that board since.

Dr. Satish Hiremath is clearly our choice to lead Oro Valley as mayor.

The views expressed here do not necessarily represent the Canada Hills Village 15 Homeowners Association.

Douglas Forester, Harry Wells, Burton Jordon, Oro Valley

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