Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Explorer Letter Says It All: "Zinkin Better Man To Take Care Of Oro Valley"

We don't know Linda Johnson, but she's "dead on" concerning the Oro Valley Mayoral election. Ms. Johnson's words should be heeded by all OV voters.


Zinkin better man to take care of OV

Although Oro Valley elections are nonpartisan, many citizens have received an e-mail from a gentleman (nonresident of Oro Valley) recommending we vote for the Republican mayoral candidate, Hiremath.

This e-mailing gentleman is assuring us that because Hiremath is a Republican, he would be fiscally responsible. Not so.

Normally, Republicans are more fiscally responsible, however our town council Republicans have a record of overtaxing and reckless spending.

For example, the utility tax increased through council members Kunisch, Dankwerth, Parish and Mayor Loomis was designed to end April, 2009. Regrettably, the Republican Council, knowing this is a tax on our necessities, water, gas and electricity, voted to extend the tax. They keep on taxing.

Hiremath's records show that he may have the same "easy spending, easy taxing" tendencies. As a board member of GOVAC, he came before the Oro Valley Town Council seeking a $60,000 handout to balance the GOVAC budget. How do we know that Hiremath won't repeat similar scenarios if elected to mayor?

In addition to concerns of overspending, there is an unusual situation with Hiremath's endorsements; he is endorsed mainly by Tucson city organizations or non-Oro Valley residents: Tucson Chamber of Commerce; the Tucson Association of Realtors; the North Tucson Firefighters; Oro Valley Fraternal Order of Police (not necessarily Oro Valley residents) and Northern Pima County Chamber of Commerce. I go on record as a loyal supporter of all firefighters, policemen and their fraternities. However, our town of Oro Valley needs to vote for a mayor who will focus on Oro Valley issues, budgets, organizations and government obligations.

Previously, our leaders have financially supported organizations from outside Oro Valley and disregarded the will of the people. In this election, we hope to rectify the misplace loyalty as well as change the overtaxing and overspending problem. That is why Mike Zinkin is the better candidate for mayor.

This election is about taking care of Oro Valley.

Linda Johnson, Oro Valley


travelling dancer said...

Well, this letter tells it all. I just received in my mail an advertisment for Hiremath with all those TUCSON Organizations listed on his card. So what do these TUCSON ORGANIZATIONS want from Hiremath.

Also only one Independant supporting him. I know hundreds of Independants and Republicans that don't think he should be Mayor. They prefer Mike Zinkin.

Victorian Cowgirl said...

I also just received the postcard from Hiremath. I noticed that the first statement on the card is about Oro Valley CITIZENS adding their personal endorsements (along with all the special interest groups).

Isn't that funny? All along, Hiremath has touted his special interest endorsements while Zinkin focused on endorsements from individual citizens, and all the Hiremath cheerleaders acted like those special interest and business endorsements were "proof" that Hiremath was the better candidate.

Now suddenly, Hiremath is seeking "personal endorsements" from individuals and bragging about them in his fliers. He's copying Zinkin's campaign strategy! You know what they say...Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

It's also funny how he lists one Republican, one Democrat, and one Independent as "proof" that people of all political views prefer him.

Let's see...I'm a Democrat and I'm voting for Zinkin. One of my friend's is a Republican and he's voting for Zinkin. Another one of my friend's is an Independent and she's voting for Zinkin. They also "represent a variety of political views" and they all believe that Zinkin "is the preferred candidate for mayor of Oro Valley."