Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Comparing The Two Mayoral Candidates---Mike Zinkin "Wins!"

In her letter to The Explorer, Diane Peters compares the two mayoral candidates.
Her assessment? Mike Zinkin is the ONLY choice.


Zinkin shows interest in the town’s welfare

As Oro Valley voters decide between Mike Zinkin and Satish Hiremath in the upcoming mayoral election, it would be prudent to consider a few things.

Mayor Loomis came in last in the primary, meaning that Oro Valley taxpayers had had enough of a mayor who catered to the whims of special interest groups. Loomis is now endorsing Hiremath, who is endorsed by several special interest groups, the majority of which are not even located in Oro Valley. Where is the logic in replacing Loomis with another mayor who is connected to special interests?

One should also compare and contrast the records of Zinkin versus Hiremath.

Mike Zinkin has shown a consistent interest in the welfare of our town. He spent four years on the Oro Valley Development Review Board and has extensive knowledge of our general plan and zoning codes. As chairman of the DRB for two years, Zinkin has experience running a town meeting. He is also a graduate of the Citizens Planning Institute.

In addition, Zinkin also attended boards and commissions training given by the League of Arizona Cities and Towns, served on the Steam Pump Ranch Task Force, was a member of the Capital Improvement Committee and has worked with the town attorney, the chief of police and the town engineer in matters pertaining to town code violations and public safety.

In contrast, Hiremath has no experience in municipal government. He has never held a position on a town board or commission and has never even attended CPI classes.

Add to this that Hiremath stated that he never attends town council meetings because “they’re too frustrating.” His pattern of showing a disinterest in Oro Valley government was apparent again during the January budget retreat when he failed to return for the afternoon session. Perhaps the budget discussions were also too frustrating.

Voters should also be aware that Hiremath has declined Zinkin’s request to hold a public mayoral debate. If Hiremath truly believes that he is the superior candidate, he should be welcoming a debate rather than making excuses to avoid one.

Diane Peters, Oro Valley


Vistoso Val said...

Thank you for tellling the truth and setting the records straight!! It's about time.

I thought the letter from the three disgrunted homeowners in the Canada Hills Village showed a great deal of blatant stupidity.

Saying that a baseballl umpire for 40 years (Mike Zinkin) "only required instantaneous black and white decisions without consulting anyone," is ridiculous. If this is true, what about the 40 years of being asked to continue? What about the human relations with the team members and coaches? This is a people-oriented situation, not a lonely office with a drill in your hand looking for a tooth!

Being a traffic controller means multi-tasking of the highest order--this job takes intelligence and the stress of having hundreds of passengers' lives depending on your split-second decisions. That is far different from choosing which amalgam to use in a filling!

I don't think the air traffic controllers would agree that they did not have to act in concert and work with each other in this very high-level of human service.

Victorian Cowgirl said...

It sure speaks volumes about the Hiremath fan club that they offer no explanations for his, "I don't attend council meetings because they're too frustrating" comment," no explanations for missing half of the budget retreat, no explanations for all the problems GOVAC encountered while he was at the helm, and no explanations for his refusal to debate Mike Zinkin.

Makes you wonder what the REAL REASON is that these people are voting for Hiremath.

Mark said...

Yes, being an air traffic controller requires the ability to multitask...But nothing about that job implies the employee gets along well with others, is willing to listen to a variety of opinions, or is open minded during meetings or while working on tough subjects. It seems to me that Zinkin does not have the ability to get along with others. That's concerning to me.

artmarth said...

Mark---Have you every tried talking to Mike Zinkin BEFORE you make this judgment based mostly on lies by disgruntled Hiremath supporters?

I doubt it.

I, on the other hand spent hours talking to Dr. Hiremath and based on his answers to my questions, I found him to be a nice man that has no clue as to what it takes to be mayor.

Victorian Cowgirl said...


You said, "It seems to me that Zinkin does not have the ability to get along with others."

What is your proof of this? And just like you, I'm looking for facts, not opinions. "It seems to me" is an opinion.