Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mayoral Candidates Respond To Four Questions From The Explorer

I believe The Explorer performed a public service by asking and having the two mayoral candidates responding to four questions on issues of concern.

We hope all Oro Valley voters will read the responses from Satish Hiremath & Mike Zinkin.

Then----make a determination. Which candidate sounds "more mayoral?" Which candidate seems to have more experience, more knowledge, and a much better grasp of the issues?

It seems to me that Mike Zinkin is the clear cut winner.

Read, and judge for yourself and hopefully, you'll vote accordingly.


Read Questions & Answers here.


John Martin said...

While I understand the umbrage taken by many at the fact that Hiremath suggested he's the only mayoral candidate opposed to a property tax, I think I may know why this has become such an issue.

Hearing from some friends and neighbors, Zinkin's published statement in both papers on the issue -- "it would be premature and irresponsible to even consider a property tax until we've reduced spending dramatically" -- has some of them worried.

For his sake, and for clarity's sake, Zinkin should probably just say: "I will never support a property tax under any circumstance. Period." No need to equivocate here.

He seems to think that spending cuts alone are the way to go, and that's fine enough to suggest. We should cut unnecessary spending anywhere it's ocurring.

Maybe, he should say: "By controling costs the town will never need to even consider implementing a property tax. And, I remain opposed to the idea of a property tax, chiefly because I never can envision a scenario where it would be needed."

Words like "premature" or "inappropriate" can get you into trouble (I know, just semantics, really) because they are not viewed as absolute in their meaning by some people, especially when they're evaluating political candidates.

Let's face it, most of us won't trust any politician no matter what he says. But when someone uses words like "never" "oppose" "won't consider," we can at least derive comfort in their certitude on a particular issue. And it's something we can hold that politician to when he takes office. "Remember, you swore..."

Just some armchair strategic advice for Zinkin, if he wants to neutralize this issue. Thanks for reading. I look forward to some comments.

artmarth said...

John--- I'm pleased that your comment is on this posting so everyone, hopefully, will see it---and my comment in response, as well.

Only a fool will say, "never."

Mike Zinkin is no fool. What Mike has said on any number of occasions, in any number of ways, is what you suggested he say: Specifically---

"By controlling costs the town will never need to even consider implementing a property tax. And, I remain opposed to the idea of a property tax, chiefly because I never can envision a scenario where it would be needed."

These are not my words. They are yours----but you and ever other person can rest assured, they are what Mike has said, over and over again.

If you or anyone else else has ANY DOUBTS, please email Mike directly at He WILL respond expeditiously.

Victorian Cowgirl said...

I think Zinkin is smart to say "premature" and "irresponsible" because no one knows what the future holds. Loomis made statements sounding like a property tax was imminent. Zinkin's statements imply that it is not necessary at this time and that by cutting costs and separating wants vs. needs, it may never be necessary.

Remember the heat that Bush I took when he said, "Read my lips. No new taxes" and then he was forced to raise taxes.

It's better to say that you will do everything possible to avoid raising taxes or instituting a new tax than it is to state unequivocally that you will NEVER raise or implement new taxes.

Doing the former (Zinkin style) is honest. Doing the latter (Hiremath style) is just pandering for votes by making a promise you may not be able to keep.

Another reason I trust Zinkin.

Zev Cywan said...

Stating [I will NEVER support a property tax, or any any other type of tax for that matter] has made a 'liar' out of MANY a politician - "READ MY LIPS"!

Mike Zinkin's position statement IS the more responsible of the two candidates.