Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mayor Loomis Doesn't Give Up In His Quest To Fund MTVCB & TREO

Although the mayor is a "lame duck," he still thinks it's appropriate to use our bed tax revenue to fund his friends at The Metropolitan Tucson Visitors & Convention Bureau & Tucson Regional Economic Opportunities.

Johm Musolf in addressing the council at tonight's Study Session reminded them that the council voted unanimously back in Nov.2009 to cease funding these outside agencies. Furthermore, John pointed out that on April 14 the council did NOT include any funding for the 2010-11 proposed budget. (2009-10 funding was $112,000)

Anyone in attendance, or who may have watched the meeting on streaming video couldn't help but notice two things.

1) Mayor Loomis continued to make his argument to fund these two agencies.

2) Vice Mayor Bill Garner stated over and over again why this should not be done. If nothing else, Bill pointed out that Oro Valley should initiate an RFP (request for proposal) to determine if other entities might do a better job on behalf of Oro Valley.

Bill also noted that the Hilton El Conquistador Resort & the Wingate Hotel are the only two hotels that are members of the MTCVB. Additionally, Marana does NOT contribute, but the Ritz Carlton does, and they manage just fine.

Our Oro Valley neighbor Cris DeSimone (Wake Up Tucson radio host) who knows quite a bit about this subject addressed the council and basically endorsed Bil's comments.

The fact is, it will be the new council that will probably make the determination.

If you don't think it matters who is on the new council, think again.

Only Mike Zinkin & Matt Rabb have come out and supported Bill Garner's position.


Nombe Watanabe said...

Da Mayor wants to give our tax dollars away.
I just can't stand it. He needs to resign and soon.

artmarth said...

Loomis resign???

We all know that 'ain't gonna' happen.

My concern is that Loomis WANTS TO STAY ON THE COUNCIL.

How can that be, you ask?

As of now, the new council will appoint a candidate to fill the Latas vacant seat.

Don't you think Loomis is on that short list if Hiremath, Hornat & Waters get elected and join with their pal, Mary Snider?

Far fetched?

Not at all!

Just another reason to VOTE FOR MIKE ZINKIN & ONLY MATT RABB!!!