Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mike Zinkin -- In His Own Words, Sets The Record Straight

There have been so many untrue statements made about Mike Zinkin by his detractors, that Mike tried to set the record straight in his letter to The Explorer.

Here's the truth about Mike in his own words.

We are proud to support Mike Zinkin for Mayor

Mayoral hopeful says he's pro-business for OV

One of the major issues raised during the primary campaign was Oro Valley's reputation for being unfriendly toward business. All the mayoral candidates agreed with this perception. Now that we are going forward to the general, my opponent is claiming I am business unfriendly, and that I do not deserve the vote of the business owners.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

As a member of the Development Review Board for four years, I worked with business owners and developers to meet their needs within the town's codes and guidelines.

I realize that over 20 percent of the town's income comes from sales and bed taxes. The needs of the citizens and the needs of the businesses are not in conflict. Business needs can be met within the Oro Valley codes and design guidelines.

The sign code is under review. I agree that it needs substantial modifications. There should be a single time when wall signs should be turned off. We should allow for "A" frame type signs to be placed in front of businesses while they are open. Real estate signs should keep the same license number after they are renewed.

I will initiate the establishment of a business development commission, consisting of residents who are business owners. This commission will have a direct responsibility to the council to voice the ongoing needs of the business community.

My opponent has offered nothing substantial, only that he is a small businessman and, therefore, knows all about your needs. I do not assume to know all your needs, but I do know your desires and the town's desires are not in conflict. We both want a successful, profitable business community. The business development commission will be an important tool for you, the business owner, to express your needs and desires.

I will speed up the development process, and standardize the inspection and licensing procedure. No rules or codes will be "reinterpreted" after you start the development process. You will know "up front" what the town's expectations are and will get all the assistance you need to meet them.

Mike Zinkin, Oro Valley

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