Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Not Everyone Agrees With Our "Special Interest" Assessment

In the interest of fairness, I thought I'd share an email exchange I had earlier today with one of our readers. The only editing was not posting the writer's name.

As you can see, he takes exception to our views.

Subject: Re: Let's Not Allow Any Special Interest Group To Control Our Election

As a native of Tucson Arizona...which I bet my life you are not..I think you are ridiculous. Your web site blog is totally censored to only say what you want. Is this because you are afraid of hearing both sides? In case you have forgotten Firefighters are citizens just like the rest of us. Does this mean that teachers, Target employees, or any working person should not have a say in who they want to be on the town council? My gut feeling is you are retired and want everything to stay just the way they are. Some retired people seem to be a special interest group all on their own. Oro Valley needs to move forward so we will be a sustainable and thriving community. One for families, not just retired people who, by all indications, just want what is good for them. I hope your candidates lose and lose big!

My response

Dear Mr. xxx-- It was very good of you to take the time to write us to express your views. I think you deserve a response--so, here it is,

You are correct, I am not a native of Tucson. My wife & I arrived in Oro Valley 17 years ago, long enough to see the desert ravaged, the developers taking over, the police thinking they run the town, the fire service bills doubling, etc etc.

Perhaps you haven't noticed, but the blog allows for dissenting opinions, and they are quite prevalent. What is not allowed, is personal attacks, and you may be aware, we implemented a new policy that eliminates those comments. On that subject, if you can follow this policy, you're more than welcome to be one of our bloggers. (If you need help, it is offered on the left column of the blog.)

Concerning your point about our issue with the fire fighters union getting involved in our election, you may be interested in our posting this morning. "Jason" Comments On Fire Fighter Candidate Endorsements

May I also suggest you look back on our archived posts. You may be surprised, but we take up the cause of ALL our resident's concerns, whether it be a crematorium in their neighborhood, a developer wanting to amend the Gen Plan for his own selfish reasons or any other numerous issues.

Oh yeah! Your gut feeling is correct. I am retired, and spend many hours trying to keep our fellow residents enlightened as to the goings on in OV. Unfortunately, there are those like you that don't appreciate our efforts----but, I realize, you can't be all things to all people.

By the way, we won't be bothering you with more emails. My friend and fellow blogmaster, Richard saw fit to remove you from our mailing list. Of course, you can still log on to our blog, if you want to get aggravated.


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