Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Jason" Comments On Fire Fighter Candidate Endorsements

We received a comment from "jason" (who we don't know) on our posting of Apri 12, "Makes Me Sick: Firefighters Stick Their Noses Where It Doesn't Belong," that we didn't want you to miss. Therefore, we are putting it out as a new posting. PLEASE READ BELOW.

jason said...

I have been employed with the fire service for many years; still am. I can tell you that fire department unions have done more to corrupt our communities than any other special interest group. Do the firefighters have the right to back a dentist and post signs in their yards? You bet, and we would be treading a very slippery slope if we said otherwise.

However, the community is clearly watching. This is what I am most enjoying. For years firefighter unions have been under the radar and now their political activism in raising eyebrows. I love that you have posted this article.

Why would firefighters support Hiremath? Usually unions try to win a majority council or board with candidates that support them. In this way, when firefighters ask for more money, time off, etc., it gets the head nod of those who elected them.

Make no mistake about it, local firefighters unions and the International Association of Firefighters are very politically active. Please click this link to see that clearly 74% of firefighter unions dues support Democrat candidates:

Also, for a very interesting read to see how fire department unions are bankrupting our communities, read this.

What should someone do about this? Show up to your local Golder Ranch Board fire board meetings and clearly tell the elected board members that you do not condone the labor management process and that it is a waste of your tax money. It is. Managers are competent and co-management is not necessary.

Let's face it, there may have been a historical time when unions were necessary in sweat shops. Today's firefighter with a high school diploma makes $50,000 (Captains make +$80,000). Firefighters may retire at 20 years and draw 50% of their salary for the rest of their life. Most firefighters are hired are young, which means when I retire at 45 years of age, you the taxpayer get to work the rest of your life to pay my pension.

Did I mention that firefighters work 10 days per month, hold second jobs, and have some of the best benefits packages in the nations (health).

On balance, most firefighters are honorable and do a great job serving their communities. They initially join unions because they are young and impressionable. The union leaders and their ilk in are the monsters.

Pay very close attention to who firefighters support. I did not vote for Mary Snider for exactly this reason. I did not know a thing about her other than the fire department was supporting her. That was all I needed to hear. You can be for fire department community service and firefighters, but still not condone special interest unionism. You just have to be intelligent enough to separate the two.

Zinkin has my vote.


April 14, 2010 8:03 AM


The Zee Man said...

The link you provided ("Politics and Contributions"), Jason, states that the IAFF supports candidates who are " supportive of the IAFF’s legislative agenda".

So, I wonder, what is their legislative agenda when it comes to Oro Valley?

Their Oro Valley legislative agenda is not published. It is nowhere to be found.

Therefore, it is hidden.

This Oro Valley legislative agenda must be substantial because they are giving more than money; they are hitting the streets for Hiremath.

What has he promised them?

Mike Zinkin has never said anything, pro or con, regarding these guys. Why not support him too?

What is the IAFF afraid of?

freedom fighters said...

I agree with Jason's comments, and have scratched my head in wonderment at the blatant candidate support being given by a public service district - Golder Ranch Fire. Cynic that I am, I can only conclude there are "expectations" on their radar; self interest is the driving force in politics. And let's be clear, politics are being played, BIG TIME, in Oro Valley. Why else would my household be stuck with a fire protection tab almost twice what I was paying to Rural Metro. It's crystal clear to me that "an expectation" was made manifest by our about- to- be- departed Mayor Loomis.

My vote will be to Zinkin.

Zev Cywan said...

As I have just returned from an extended vacation it appears I have some catching up to do relative to issues that may or may not be pertinent to our current Council campaign.

Question to any who might be able to answer:

As our Fire Department, Golder Ranch, is it's OWN 'Political Subdivision' and therefore, as such, appears not to be under any financial umbrella of our Town's budgetary applications, of what benefit is it then to such an entity that they might have 'favorites' in place within the Town's governing body?

I ask this as a point of knowledge only as it would seem that the IAFF could not have any 'dominance' whatsoever as an advantage in any Town under such condition. Anyone?

artmarth said...

Zev--- I can tell you that Dan Clement, Captain of GRFD & President of the union was asked that question.

We've been told, he really had no good response.

You are correct that GRFD is NOT "our Fire Department," but a government agency, and WE are in their Fire District.

They, and they only control our fire rates up to a maximum amount set by law.

Our opinion is this. The union wants a "union friendly OV Council."


Well last time they got involved in our election (2004) their supported candidates that were elected, saw fit to "pay back the favor" by allowing GRFD to initiate the annexation in Oro Valley.

That action precipitated the demise of Rural Metro Fire Dept, and subsequently, led to thousands of us getting dramatic increases in our fire service rates.

What they have to gain this time around is questionable.

As many of the fire fighters will be walking your neighbor of behalf of Hiremath this Sat.---perhaps you can ask those that may knock on your door.

If you find out, it will be good if you can enlighten the rest of us.

Zev Cywan said...

Art, thank you for your response and yes, I will, if I can, find out 'why the need', 'why the connection'. It appears that most, if not all of the potential annexations (at this time), have been executed. So, what be the potential for further gain? This I do not know.

artmarth said...

Zev et al--- If you get a chance to watch our posting, "A Discussion With Mike Zinkin," you'll note that Mike says he was never interviewed or never discussed anything with the fire fighters.

That does not answer the question why they are so enamored with Hiremath, but begs the question, "who are they comparing him to?"

We hope our readers will not allow this, or any outside entity to sway our election.

It just "ain't right!

legal eagle said...

Let us agree that the firefighters have the same rights of free speech. What intrigues me, however, is what is their agenda? Is it for the betterment of Oro Valley and it's citizentry or is it self directed ? Are they interested in the well being of all citizens who live and own property in Oro Valley or are they only interested in their financial well-being. How many of these "citizen firefights" are actually residents of Oro Valley ? We have seen this in many commmunities by both the fire fighters and police officers who try to influence the outcome of an election even though the majority do not live inside the city. I am not saying this wrong or unAmerican or not acceptable. It is what it is, but the voters should not be influenced by the fact that FireFighters are endorsing a particular candidate. In some municipalities they are prohibited from being politically active for one candidate over the other, to avoid this type of problem.
Both police and fire fighters have long been held in high esteem by our communities, and rightfully so, but I recommend you look behind the form and look for the substance of their endorsement. Look at the qualifications of the candidate and not be influenced by those who are only furthering their own agenda.

artmarth said...

Welcome to our blog "legal eagle."

There's not much I can add to your comment other than to say, I hope ALL our readers get a chance to see it.

It's so "right on!"