Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dr. Don Emmons---Our Choice For Oro Valley Town Council

As you know, we have endorsed Dr. Don Emmons for Oro Valley Town Council.

We recognize that there are three vacancies for the Town Council. Dr. Don, however, is the ONLY candidate we feel confident in supporting. Without saying anything negative about the others, we will say that Don has our support because we believe he is worthy of it.

Dr. Don Emmons has neither solicited nor desired the support of ANY Special Interest Group. Don has made it perfectly clear that he will not be beholden to anyone other than the people of Oro Valley.

When a Special Interest Group supports a candidate, whether it be for mayor or council, we are concerned that they will expect something in return for their support. Whether it be the police unions, the firefighters, the home builders, the Chamber of Commerce or whoever, they all have their own agenda.

Dr. Don Emmons wants no part of that! For those that believe we (LOVE BLOG) are a Special Interest Group, let me say this in no uncertain terms. We expect nothing in return for our support other the candidates remaining true to their commitment to the people of Oro Valley. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Don is bright, articulate, concerned about Oro Valley, and is totally familiar with our General Plan and a graduate of the Oro Valley Citizens Planning Institute.

At this time we are voting for only one Council candidate. Don is the one!

Please read a little more about Don here.

Click here to read why Don wants to be an Oro Valley Town Council Member.

If you agree with us, you'll cast only two votes. One for Mike Zinkin for Mayor and one for Dr. Don Emmons for Council.


OinStarr said...

Some random thoughts - it seems a couple of days ago Art gave his support to two other candidates besides Zinkin and Emmons. What happened has he turned already as he is suggesting to vote for only two candidates. Then there is the issue of Zinkin telling folks he wants to distance himself from this blog. Where is the truth? Why is it that Art tells us what Mike thinks and what he would say, is that because Art does his thinking?

So when you (Art) are standing at the podium at town hall reminding your people that you put them there, are we to believe they are not beholden to you.

So Emmons has read the General Plan, that's his contribution to the town.

artmarth said...

You can vote for whoever you like, but be good enough to be truthful in your comments.

1) I gave no support to any other candidates. I did say nice things about Matt Rabb & Mark Finchem.

2) You comments about Mike Zinkin should do nothing other than get him more votes. You suggest Mike can't think for himself. Working a full career as an Air Traffic Controller says more about Mike thinking on his feet and making tough decisions than your arrogant innuendo.

3) You may not have any character, but I can assure you Mike Zinkin does. So do those council members we were proud to support in the last election.

4) Dr Don Emmons can offer Oro Valley more than his knowledge of the General Plan. He is intelligent, a quick learner and a graduate of the CPI class. He will add class & distinction to the OV Council.

Four statements in three paragraphs that are absolute nonsense.

Nice going!

Zev said...

Art, why do you have to smear, yes SMEAR, those who make contrary comments on this blog? You call OinStarr 'arrogant'. Why? He (or she) poses some questions following other posts by you and/or others; said blogger simply put forth a couple of observations which did not warrant your retort type.

As to Dr. Emmons, yes, perhaps a nice person, but WITHOUT QUALIFICATION for a Council Seat.
Reading the General Plan doesn't cut it (I read the US Constitution; that doesn't qualify me for a position on the Supreme Court). Dr. Emmons has been a scarcity relative to the forums available to him during this campaign. He is a graduate of the CPI class; so what, MANY persons have attended and graduated from this offering. A quick learner? What kind of a qualification is that? I attend a lot of Town Council meetings; I have seen every other candidate at some, I have NEVER seen Dr. Emmons at even one.

You imply that by receiving endorsements or financial assistance, other candidates will necessarily perform 'quid pro quos'. Have you taken the time to get to really know them?

Do you forget that I was in the middle of YOUR political cyclone for awhile? Please don't!

artmarth said...

I don't forget too much Zev. I haven't forgotten that Dr, Emmons entered into this race because he has a strong desire to serve his community and remains a viable candidate I am proud to support.

As always, our readers will determine if I "smeared" the anonymous OinStarr, or he/she smeared others.

When you get a chance, go back and read what you said about Salette in another posting.

You seem to have a "holier than thou" attitude.

Zev said...

Art, while I might not agree with 'OinStarr's' commentary, at least I did not call any of his statements "arrogant innuendo", YOU DID; I did not accuse him of [being without character], YOU DID; I didn't refer to any of his beliefs as "absolute nonsense", YOU DID! As to my commentary relative to Salette's e-mail, I am not the only one of her past or present supporters who believes that this was an inappropriate advocacy by a sitting member of Council. So, you think I have a "holier than thou attitude"? Does that go along with my [inability to handle the truth]? It wasn't too long ago that you were ardently pushing me to 'go for a Council seat'; I found out what certain realities were and thereupon I withdrew. Do you really think I have changed that much or have I simply been able to see things with more clarity?

artmarth said...

Zev---Everything is wonderful. Now, with your permission, I'll concentrate on the critical upcoming election.

OV Objective Thinker said...

Art.....Your chickens are coming home to roost.

The hen house is crumbling.

Won't be too long before there is a rooster crowing and no flock to listen.

Nombe Watanabe said...

Oh boy, trouble in blogsville.

artmarth said...

Nombe--- No trouble here, but I expected some lyrics from you.

Patience & Prudence - 1956

"Got along without you before I met you
Gonna get along without you now"

Nombe Watanabe said...


Sorry, sad songs are not my thing.
I like songs of redemption.


"how can I miss you if you
won't go away."

Peace, love.....Nombe

PS. But I do note OVOT's chicken/rooster references with great interest. hummm.