Thursday, July 11, 2024

Big Community Survey: Top 5 Least Liked Things About Oro Valley

This week we are devoting LOVE's pages to the findings of the "Big Community Survey." That survey will be used used to guide groups in planning the 2026 "Path Forward" General Plan. Today we focus on the five things residents like least about Oro Valley.
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"Big Community Survey" identifies five least liked features or Oro Valley 

The Big Community Survey has shed light on both the beloved and less appreciated aspects of living in Oro Valley. While there are many qualities that residents cherish, certain issues have surfaced as areas of concern. This article explores the top five things that Oro Valley residents like least about their community, based on survey results.

Traffic Conditions: Growing congestion issues
Traffic congestion is a significant concern for many Oro Valley residents. With increasing development and population growth, commute times have lengthened, and congestion has become more prevalent. One resident expressed their frustration, stating, “The traffic on main roads is getting worse every year, making my daily commute much longer than it used to be.” Addressing these traffic issues is crucial for maintaining the town’s quality of life.

Distance or Lack of Services: Essential amenities out of reach

Another major issue is the distance or lack of essential services. Many residents find it inconvenient to access certain amenities, such as specialized healthcare, shopping, and entertainment. A survey participant shared, “We need more local services to avoid long drives into Tucson for basic needs.” Enhancing the availability of local services could significantly improve daily convenience for residents.

Growth-Related Concerns: Balancing development and preservation
Rapid growth and development have raised concerns among residents about preserving the small-town feel and open spaces that characterize Oro Valley. Many worry that continued expansion could lead to overcrowding and loss of the town’s unique charm. “We need to manage growth carefully to keep Oro Valley’s character intact,” urged one resident. Balancing development with preservation is essential for sustaining the town’s appeal.

High Cost of Living: Financial strain on residents
The high cost of living in Oro Valley is another notable issue. Residents face higher expenses in areas such as housing, utilities, and property taxes compared to neighboring regions. One resident highlighted the financial strain, stating, “Living here is becoming more expensive, and it’s hard for families to keep up with the rising costs.” Addressing affordability can help retain the town’s diverse population and ease the financial burden on residents.

Limited Recreational and Cultural Amenities: Desire for more community spaces 
While Oro Valley offers beautiful natural surroundings, some residents feel there is a lack of recreational and cultural amenities. There are calls for more community centers, arts venues, and recreational facilities. A survey respondent emphasized, “We need more places to gather and cultural activities to enjoy as a community.” Expanding these amenities can enhance the community’s social and cultural vibrancy, providing residents with more opportunities to connect and engage.

These are challenges with which Path Forward will "deal"
The Big Community Survey reveals that traffic conditions, distance or lack of services, growth-related concerns, high cost of living, and limited recreational and cultural amenities are the top five least liked aspects of living in Oro Valley. Addressing these issues is essential for improving residents’ quality of life and ensuring the town remains a desirable place to live. Community involvement and ongoing feedback will play a crucial role in shaping Oro Valley’s future.