Thursday, May 23, 2024

OVPD Intensifies Traffic Safety Efforts, Combats Property Crimes Community Engagement Efforts

Focus on community engagement
The Oro Valley Police Department ("OVPD") continues to prioritize community engagement through various programs and events, as detailed in this month’s OVPD Crimefighter email. For example,  "Coffee with a Cop" initiative allows residents to interact with officers in a casual setting, fostering open communication and strengthening police-community relations. Additionally, the department participated in the annual "Bike Rodeo" event, educating children on bicycle safety and distributing free helmets.

Crime Prevention Strategies
To combat property crimes, OVPD has implemented targeted patrols in areas experiencing higher rates of incidents. Officers have also conducted educational campaigns, reminding residents to secure their homes and vehicles to deter potential burglaries. The department's partnership with neighborhood watch groups has proven invaluable in identifying and addressing community concerns.

One of these strategies is “Darkhouse Program”

The Oro Valley Police Department offers a valuable service called the Darkhouse Program, designed to provide an extra layer of security for residents' homes when they are away for an extended period. Enroll in the program by completing an application form.

Traffic Safety Initiatives
Ensuring safe roadways remains a top priority for OVPD. Officers have increased enforcement efforts targeting speeding, impaired driving, and distracted driving violations. The department also collaborated with local schools to promote pedestrian safety awareness among students and parents during drop-off and pick-up times.

Recruitment and Training
OVPD is actively recruiting qualified individuals to join its ranks. The department offers competitive benefits and opportunities for professional growth. Additionally, officers have participated in specialized training programs to enhance their skills in areas such as crisis intervention, de-escalation techniques, and community-oriented policing.
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Source: Oro Valley Police Department's May 2024 Newsletter