Thursday, November 9, 2023

Bits and Pieces

Build-To-Rent Units are included in the determination of Oro Valley's 100 year assured water supply
This is a correction to the post that was here originally which stated that apartments are not included in Oro Valley's determination of assured water supply. That was incorrect. That "loophole" to which we refer only applies to developments in communities that do not have a state approved "Designation of Assured Water Supply." (DAWS) 

According to Oro Valley's Water Utility Director: "The Town of Oro Valley has a DAWS and therefore any developments that fall within the Water Utility’s service area fall under the requirements of the assured water supply rules. This is a good thing. It ensures that all water production and use is accounted for. No loopholes. Every year the Water Utility submits an Annual Report to the ADWR. This report documents all of the water received or produced by the Utility as well as all of the water delivered by the Utility. All water movement is accounted for and all committed demands from all user classifications counts towards our DAWS. No loopholes." (Source: email from Director Abraham.)

This is a list Arizona jurisdictions that have a DAWS. Oro Valley is listed on it.

Naranja Park entrance pedestrian safety improvements on hold
The Town has put on hold the interim pedestrian safety improvements at the Naranja Drive entrance to Naranja Park. According to Town Public Works Director Paul Keesler, this delay is a result of three lawsuits that have been filed against the town, collectively seeking damages of $89.5 million. The improvements are on hold until the attorney's "finish their work".  

It's understandable that the town is proceeding cautiously in this matter. The plaintiffs are using the recently installed north-side entrance safety path, implemented by the town earlier this summer, as evidence to support their claim that the town acknowledges some responsibility for the accident in that area.  The plaintiff may use further improvements as yet more evidence of such.

Register to participate in the 2026 General Plan Process
You should register at to participate in the 2026 General Plan process. This will give you the opportunity to participate in online discussions about important topics in the community. Also, while you are there, view the video about the plan. "The General Plan is our ‘true north’ because it is informed and shaped by the citizens,” Mayor Winfield said. “We will leverage the momentum of our success with the 2016 plan to propel us into our next decade.” (Source: Town of Oro Valley Media Release) 

Pretty rocks at Riverfront Park
An individual is painting river rocks with the names of dogs that walk at Riverfront Park. The stack is growing. You can see the fine work at left. We've been told, but have yet to confirm, that Elizabeth is the first name of the person who has created this lovely artwork.

Visit Tucson has not appeared before the Town Council since 2022
The Town of Oro Valley pays $415,000 to Visit Tucson, the group that promotes regional tourism, since February of 2022. Mayor Winfield tells us that they will appear before council "early next year."

Some key Oro Valley senior staff don't even live in Oro Valley 
We find it curious that the town's Planning Director Bayer Vella, the town's Director of Public Works Paul Keesler, the town's Water Director Peter Abraham, and the town's Director of Economic Development Paul Melcher don't live in Oro Valley. Yet, collectively, they have tremendous power over life in our town. We should think that Oro Valley residency be mandatory for anyone who holds the senior position in our town. That way they'll have some skin in the game.

Town fills three positions
The town has filled three key positions: 
  • Scott Zufelt is now the Innovation & Technology (I&T) Director
  • Jeffery Hidalgo is the now the Public Information Officer (PIO)
  • Rosalyn Epting is the Parks and Recreation Director
(Source: Town of Oro Valley Town Manager Executive Report to Council, November 2023)

Welcome all to Oro Valley!
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