Friday, September 29, 2023

Bits and Pieces

Drinking water use on town parks and golf course continues with no end in sight
The Oro Valley Town has no plan in place to eliminate the use of drinking water on Town recreational properties. Currently, there is no intention to invest in re-piping reclaimed water to these area's. August 2023 Potable Water Usage: 
  • Pusch Ridge Golf Course: 3,568,000 gallons 
  • Riverfront Park: 1,619,000 gallons 
  • Jim Kriegh Park (irrigation only): 1,445,000 
  •  Total – 6,632,000 gallons 
This is enough to supply 947 homes!

From a reader: A shopping experience like no other awaits
"... at The Cottage in Oro Valley! The pink house sits atop 420 E. Magee Road, across from the Immaculate Heart Academy, where shoppers delight in gently used treasures.

This tiny house was formerly a guest home owned by the Countess of Suffolk, England. The Countess lived in the large home off Magee Road now occupied by the Sisters of Immaculate Heart. Twenty years ago, Anne Marie Abbott used this tiny house for school parents’ storage and preparation for community sales. The Cottage soon became an idyllic spot for a non-profit thrift shop, with all proceeds supporting the Sisters. It flourished over the years but was forced to close during the pandemic.” (Source: A LOVE Reader)

Steam Pump Ranch ramada destruction case closed – unsolved
One of the Ramadas at Steam Pump Ranch suffered damage in July. Unfortunately, the case remains unsolved. With no remaining leads to pursue, the investigation has been officially closed. Typically, in situations such as this, someone from the community comes forward with valuable information to help law enforcement identify the responsible party. If you possess any information related to this incident, we urge you to reach out to our police department. Your assistance could be crucial in bringing the perpetrator to justice.
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