Friday, February 24, 2023

Bits and Pieces

Not everyone is happy with plans for Vistoso Trails Nature Preserve
This Tuesday, the Planning and Zoning Commission viewed the latest set of plans and options for the transformation of the Vistoso Trails Nature Preserve from the former Vistoso Golf Course. The commission entertained audience comments. 

All of the commenters lived in the area. These concerns include the location of the parking lot off Vistoso Highlands drive and its impact on increasing traffic; too many trails; the design of a restored pond; security and privacy in relation to homes abutting the preserve; preventing use of the preserve by dirt bikers. One speaker said the plan was turning the preserve into an amusement park. Another said that the plan was grandiose. Others said that they were not included in the design process. One wanted to know how their objections would be further considered. The Parks and Recreation staff will present the plan to the council in a study session on March 15.

No audience speaker mentioned two important concerns of all residents: The cost of building this, the source of this money, and the cost of maintaining this facility.

ChatGPT is bonkers over Oro Valley 
The website ChatGPT is the "rage."  Ask it a question. It will reply with a full response, one that seems as if it were written by a human. Some futurists see it, or something like it, as the next step in freeing people for the tedium of actually having to research and  write something of their own. CHATGPT can only reply with internet information which it can cobble together. The panel at right is its description of Oro Valley.  Sort of accurate. Sort of not. The ChatGPT response reads like it was written by one of our town's public relations people.

Water rate increase on the horizon
Every year at this time the Town of Oro Valley Town Council approves a motion to provide notice to all of a water rate increase. This starts the clock of an increase with goes into effect this August 1. This Wednesday, the council will likely approve that motion as it is on the consent agenda. The water utility is proposing an increase in the cost of both potable and reclaimed water. For the average potable water user: "The financial impact of the proposed base and commodity rate increase for a customer with a 5/8-inch meter using 7,000 gallons is $2.11 per month." The council will hold the first public hearing on the proposed rate increase in April.

Naranja Park Splashpad design survey results
“Thank you to everyone that participated and provided feedback regarding the Naranja Park splashpad design! We had over 950 surveys submitted and 69% of those votes were in favor of... drumroll please... option B. This option includes the slide. As a reminder, while it's not pictured, the design will include shade and seating. Comments that were submitted regarding safety have been noted and will be shared with the design team. We anticipate the splashpad opening in late spring/early summer of 2024.” (Source: Town of Oro Valley Parks and Recreation weekly email)