Wednesday, January 25, 2023

D'Angelo: Progress, Commitment For More At Pusch View Golf

Tony D'Angelo, President of Pusch Ridge Golf, spoke last week to the Oro Valley Town Council regarding the progress on course operations and use. Tony and his fellow residents have taken charge of the destiny of the Pusch View Course.  They have returned the course to being an asset for the community. His remarks follow.
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Mr. Mayor and members of the town council, my name is Tony D’Angelo. I am an Oro Valley resident and President of Friends of Pusch Ridge Golf. This evening I wish to again thank you for supporting the Pusch Ridge Golf Course.

Course generates remarkable level of business
Exactly one year ago I spoke to you about the initial success of Pusch Ridge Golf. I am pleased to report that the course continues to generate a remarkable level of business from a very diverse audience. It is not just Friends playing, the word is out and all sorts of folks are enjoying the experience.

...Despite a very cold and rainy winter season
The first two months of operation this season golf rounds exceeded the same period last year. It is no fluke, people want 9-hole golf. The colder and wetter weather is impacting golf in January but we remain confident that the full season will be very successful. This year the town’s goal is for 39% utilization of available golf rounds. Friends believe we can reach close to 50% like we did last season. In the four days prior to this recent rain, we achieved 85% utilization.

Success is not by accident
Friends and Indigo Golf are following through on executing a detailed marketing plan. Our leagues continue to expand in membership. Hospitality workers are enthusiastically referring visitors to the course. Golf is Tourism! We continue to expand our social media effort to attract new players. Friends of Pusch Ridge Golf joined the Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce to further promote your business.

We have partnered with Indigo Golf to build business
We are working with Indigo Golf to attract special events and tournaments and we just initiated a new promotion with two local restaurants that reinforces the theme of Fast, Fun and Affordable. We also have Friends focused on golf initiatives for our youth.

Collaboration works
It is important to appreciate the power of collaboration between town staff and its residents. We have a great relationship and continue to partner on golf course revitalization projects, enhancements and promotions. As you begin the screening process for a new town manager, we respectfully ask you to explore each candidates skills and attitudes when it comes to engaging residents in solving town problems. This town is blessed with extraordinary talent and experience that should not be overlooked.

Let's keep it up!
Pusch Ridge Golf is a valuable town amenity and a viable business. Please don’t forget us. Let’s work together on continuous improvement and implementing practical solutions to facility challenges.

Thank you again for your support of our efforts to promote this unique recreational and economic town asset.

Tony D'Angelo
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