Thursday, August 4, 2022

More Mail -In Votes Counted… Winfield Lengthens Lead… A Win In Sight

More votes counted
The Pima County Recorder continued vote counting yesterday. They added 2,412 mail in ballot votes and 193 in person ballots to the totals reported yesterday. This as of 6:43  last night.

We do not know why the mail-in vote count increased so substantially, Our guess is that these are mail-in votes that were received just prior to election day and/ or mail-in votes that were dropped off at the polls.

Winfield lengthens lead
Current council members Barrett, Joyce-Ivey and Nicolson hold comfortable leads in their reelection bid. Winfield’s lead over Sharp has grown to 148 votes.

Voter turnout now comparable to 2018
The vote totals now being reported by the county show mayoral vote totals that are more comparable to the 2018 mayoral race. 

Total votes cast being reported to date are now 8% less than four years ago. The Winfield vote totals are still far less than earned in 2018.

Sharp will need a major provisional vote win
Provisional votes have yet to be counted.  There would have to be quite a number of these and they would have to break sharply in Sharp’s favor in order for him to win.

Stay tuned!