Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Incumbent Council Members Win…. Mayoral Seat Leaning Toward Winfield

Barrett, Jones-Ivey, Nicolson handily defeat opponents
It looks as if the three incumbent council members will be in their seats on the Oro Valley Town Council until 2026. Vice Mayor Barrett and council members Jones-Ivey and Nicolson have substantial leads over challengers Hurt, Rodman and Erceg. 

Provisional votes yet to be counted
We believe that all that is left to count are “provisional votes.” We do not know how many of these there are. Generally, they are a small percentage of the total votes. Our guess is that there are no more than a few hundred. The closest challenger, Charlie Hurt, is currently 500 votes short of the lowest winning competitor so it is doubtful that he or his fellow challengers can “make up ground” with provisional voting.

Winfield leads, but mayoral race too close to call
We are waiting the results of the provisional ballot counts. At the moment, Mayor Joe Winfield leads challenger and former Police Chief Danny Sharp by 119 votes. This one could be close, folks!

Low Turnout
There were 25% fewer ballots cast for Mayor and 22% fewer ballots cast for council than in 2018. At that time, Winfield earned 9,242 votes. That is much greater than the 6,018 votes counted in this election so far. He easily defeated his opponent in 20% with almost 60% of the total vote. Not so this time.

More to follow as we learn more
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