Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Guest View-Rosa Dailey: Leadership That Turned A Problem Into A Nature Preserve

In a few short weeks a remarkable accomplishment will come to fruition. Through the collaborative leadership of Mayor Winfield and Vice Mayor Barrett of our current Town Council, and Mike Ford of The Conservation Fund, our Town will become the owner of the new Vistoso Trails Nature Preserve. That will happen when The Conservation Fund transfers the title for more than 200 acres of land that was once the Vistoso golf course to the Town of Oro Valley. In all, the deal took 21 months to complete and became the land transaction Mike Ford regards as one of the most challenging of his more than two-decade career with The Conservation Fund.

Suffice to say that when a piece of land is in play in Oro Valley there is no shortage of opportunism. Despite a community commitment of more than $1.8 million, there were multiple delays and many disappointing tactics to navigate and endure, some caused by people who should know better and garner a higher moral compass in their capacity to serve.

Regardless of the obstacles, the leadership held. Mike Ford secured two of the three appraisals it took to work with the unreasonable property owner while respecting his fiduciary responsibility to the over 600 community donors who deserved a fair price in the purchase of the land.

Mayor Winfield and Vice Mayor Barrett authored a total of three unanimously supported council motions to keep the deal moving forward and provide the necessary Town backing. In doing so, they balanced their support for those of us who live in one of the 17 neighborhoods directly affected by the Vistoso property with their duty to do what is in the best interest of all citizens of Oro Valley. The ability to make the correct decision when honoring more than one obligation is a hallmark of effective leadership and the Vistoso deal proves this truth.

On July 8th you can take a walk in Oro Valley’s new nature preserve.

On August 2nd you can vote for the true proven leadership that made it happen and reelect Mayor Joe Winfield and Vice Mayor Melanie Barrett to the Oro Valley Town Council. 

Rosa Dailey
Oro Valley Resident
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Publisher Note: Rosa Dailey is a 15 year resident of Rancho Vistoso. She worked tirelessly for years to make the Vistoso Preserve a reality.