Friday, January 7, 2022

Bits and Pieces

County fights back against Oro Valley's water partner, Tucson Water
In June, LOVE reported that Tucson Water had increased the cost of reclaimed water it delivers to Oro Valley by 17%.  At that time, we also reported that Tucson Water had "socked it to" water users outside city limits with substantially higher rates. Their goal is to force these users,  most of who are in the Foothills, to incorporate within the city limits. 

In December, as reported by KOLDTV, Pima County filed suit against the City of Tucson. The lawsuit, filed in the Pima County Superior Court, argues that the city’s rates are discriminatory on the basis of race and violate a state law that requires municipal rates for utilities are “just and reasonable.” Officials say the new rates also violate the 1979 city-county Sewer Merger Intergovernmental Agreement, which includes the city’s vow to “to minimize costs to water rate payers in the city and county.”

The animals were here first... We encroach on Them
We notice a number of postings on the social media site by people complaining about the wildlife in our town. Generally it’s about Javelinas and their penchant for knocking over trash bins. But it could also be a complaint about mountain lions or bobcats or, well, anything that belongs here like rattlesnakes. The wildlife was here first. This is their land. We encroached on them. Let’s respect and honor them. They are as much a part of the beauty of Oro Valley as our views.

Oro Valley in the rear view mirror has posted video that features life in Oro Valley in 2021. It's well worth watching.

Lacrosse tournament at Naranja park Saturday
"The tournament will feature Oro Valley Lacrosse Club teams, along with teams from other leagues from both Tucson and Phoenix at all levels of play, ages 10U through High School, both boys and girls. Lacrosse games will begin at 9:00 am and run throughout the day, ending at 4:00 pm. The event is FREE and there will be food trucks, a 50/50 raffle, t-shirts for sale, and the opportunity to support local youth sports and enjoy watching and learning about youth lacrosse in our area. The focus of this tournament is to provide teams in Arizona youth lacrosse leagues a chance to participate in, and benefit from watching, lacrosse games in a jamboree atmosphere before the regular lacrosse season starts. New players to the game, and parents, get a “dress rehearsal” of what it is like to play in the season. 

The tournament will positively impact the Town of Oro Valley by bringing in close to 1,000 visitors. Showcasing the amazing desert setting of Oro Valley, its park facilities, and the sport of lacrosse, the tournament brings awareness to a local club and sport that is growing in popularity every year here in the west." (Town of Oro Valley Press Release)