Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Vistoso Preserve $1.8 Million Fundraising Target Reaches Million Dollar Mark

"This deal is going to get done"
Mike Ford of The Conservation Fund (“TCF”) updated residents on the status of TCF’s purchase of the former Vistoso Golf Course. “This deal is going to get done.” Ford noted at a Zoom meeting hosted by the group Preserve Vistoso on November 5.

$1 Million raised to date for the purchase of the 202 acres
Ford said that $1 million had been raised to date to fund the purchase. The goal is to raise $1.8 million by the end of the year. Ford believes that the purchase of the land from Rompsen LLC will be completed at that time. TCF will create a conservation easement on the property. 

TCG will employ a third party to that the conservation easement is maintained  in perpetuity. TCF will then donate the land to the Town of Oro Valley where the land will become part of the town’s Parks and Recreation system.

Been a "long road" to get to this point
Ford detailed the path that has been taken to make this purchase a reality. Initially, Rompsen LLC, the property owner, rejected a fair market value offer made by TCF in summer of 2020. That discussion included six acres of land that is zoned for high density residential use.

Negotiations were restarted by the town last spring at the urging of Rancho Vistoso Residents.  Mayor Winfield, Vice Mayor Barrett, Town Manager Jacobs and town outside council Jonathan Rothchild led this

Unlike the  discussion, this discussion separated the six acres of land that is now zoned for his density residential use. The group negotiated on the remaining 202 acres. The fair market value for that property, as agreed to by Rompsen, is a bit less than the $1.8 million being raised. 

Ford stated that the six acres will be sold to a third party by Romspen. That party will develop the land consistent with current HDR zoning.

What Ford did not mention is that the town is a party to the agreement. The details of the town's commitment have yet to be revealed to the public.  

Your help needed
This will be a preserve for all to use, not just those in Rancho Vistoso.  You can help to make it so by donating to TCF. Click here to learn how to do so
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