Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Vistoso Golf Course Property Fund Raising Goal Achieved

Purchase of the former Vistoso Golf Course
It is my pleasure to announce we have reached our fundraising goal! This monumental milestone will now allow us to acquire and protect the former Vistoso Golf Course property. The key to the fundraising success was attributable to the financial support and generosity from the entire community. In approximately 5 weeks, over 400 individuals contributed towards our goal and the overwhelming support is testimony to the importance of this effort.

Thank you, residents, and friends of Oro Valley!

So, what happens now?
Over the next 30-days we will complete our remaining due diligence in furtherance of closing on or before December 30th. We do not anticipate any issues of substantive challenge and we will make a formal announcement when we officially close and record.

We will also be processing all current donations and pledges, including converting gifts of stock and other securities to cash, directing the collective proceeds to an escrow account. Those that have donated will receive formal acknowledgement from The Conservation Fund for tax purposes associated with your specific contribution. 

Upon closing, the property will be protected in perpetuity. The Conservation Fund will become the interim owner and we will continue working with the Town of Oro Valley towards the eventual donation and transfer for long-term management and ownership -- subject to a conservation easement.

Please accept our sincere thanks for your collective trust and confidence. Your financial generosity, and the valuable input we have received throughout the process, will enable us to create a legacy for everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mike Ford
Nevada and Southwest Director
The Conservation Fund
- - -
(Source: Press Release, November 23, 2021, The Conservation Fund)