Monday, November 1, 2021

“Gratitude and Optimism” keynote Winfield’s “State of The Town address”

“Gratitude and Optimism” keynote Winfield’s “State of The town address”
Oro Valley Mayor Joe Winfield delivered the 20th Annual “State of the Town” address to a packed audience at the El Conquistador Ballroom this past Thursday. The event was sponsored annually by the The Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce.

“My goal today is to share with you a message that is framed by optimism and gratitude, for things big and small, that make living, working and recreating in Oro Valley such a blessing.”   

This is the completion of Winfield’s third year in office, a year in which the community faced by continued pandemic challenges. In fact, more than half of Winfield's Mayor term has been leading during this most unusual times.

Staying optimistic... identifying opportunities... innovation...compromise made a huge difference
“Staying optimistic throughout this pandemic has helped us to identify opportunities for overall improvement. I’d like to acknowledge some of the ways this challenge has permanently adjusted the way we do business—for the better. Even difficult times can yield innovation and reasons for gratitude.”

One innovation was the success of the OVSafesteps program, a program in which “… nearly a million dollars in aid [was] distributed to more than 200 local businesses” using CARES Act funding. Another innovation he mentioned were town led “zoom meetings.”

Winfield summarized many of the town’s accomplishments during the year, including the annexation of the 80-acre Westward Look Resort. He noted that compromise [panel right] was the key making this annexation mostly agreeable to all parties.

Completing and funding for the Parks and Recreation Master Plan was another accomplishment: “Council has recently approved expanded use of the half-cent sales tax as well as $25 million in low interest bond funding for park improvements and maintenance. The annual premium of the $25M recreation bond will be paid through the reduction in the golf subsidy, and no property or sales tax increases will be required.” He added that “…golf has remained strong”, referring to the operating performance of the town’s town 18-hold courses.

Winfield also discussed activities our police have undertaken as well as the town’s plan, together with Marana and Metro Water, to build CAP water storage and a more direct water delivery of CAP water from Avra Valley.

Video available
You can watch the Mayor's speech here.