Friday, November 19, 2021

Bits and Pieces

Don't speed on Rancho Vistoso Blvd
"I am here to discuss enforcement of the 35 mile an hour speed limit on the portion of Rancho Vistoso passes through Sun City". Speaking at the call the audience portion of this week's Oro Valley Town Council Meeting, resident Leslie Fisher noted that the speed limit is 35mph. 

She related: "On a Saturday afternoon this past June, I exited Del Webb and headed east on Rancho Vistoso toward Oracle Road. As I approached the bridge over the Big Wash, I saw the dead bird. it appears that the motorist who hit this bird had to be going pretty fast. The bird and have enough time to even get off the road...I’ve noticed nine out of 10 cars will speed by me either going 45 or faster and I watch them to see if they’re going to reduce their speed and a lot of them just don’t they just blow right through there." 

Another resident noted that "..people are going at least 10 miles if not 20 miles over the speed limit not only in the Sun City 35 mile an hour but in the 45 mile an hour that’s on the edges of our community" Mayor Winfield asked town Manager Jacobs to follow up on this.

"SnOV" on December 10
The town has added a new holiday season event called SnOV. "Let it SNOW in Oro Valley! SnOV (pronounced Snow V) is a first time free event hosted at the Oro Valley Community & Recreation Center that will include games, crafts, food trucks, beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), snow for the kiddos to play around in and a visit from Santa! Thank you to Lisa Bayless, Realtor and Hughes Federal Credit Union for their sponsorship!" The event is December 10 from 5-8pm at the Oro Valley Community & Recreation Center. (Source: Town of Oro Valley Parks and Recreation email)

"Rockin' 4 Heroes" at Kreigh Park on December 11
"With multiple sold out U.S. tours under its belt and hundreds of thousands of fans around the world, Leonid & Friends continues to astound its global audience with its unique ability in capturing the spirit, musicality, and fire of American supergroup Chicago. Click here to learn more about the event!" The event is sponsored by the Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce. (Source: Town of Oro Valley Parks and Recreation email)

$25 Million Parks Bond Issuance Complete
"On Thursday morning, Nov. 4, the Town closed on its Parks and Recreation bond issuance, netting the Town $25M in bond proceeds after issuance costs. The bond repayment term is 20 years, with an all-in total cost of issuance of 2.31%. Annual debt service on the bonds, including both principal and interest, is approximately $1.56M per year." (Source: Town Manager Executive Report, November 2021)