Thursday, September 9, 2021

Vistoso Preserve Becoming A Reality

Vistoso Nature Preserve to become a reality
Last night, the Oro Valley Town Council met in executive session to finalize next steps regarding the conversion of the former Vistoso Golf Course into a preserve. The council unanimously approved the following resolution:

" proceed with a settlement agreement of all disputes [between the town and property owner] Romspen that facilitates The Conservation Fund's purchase of the 202 acres of the former Vistoso Golf Course; that the town council will allow the town to be a party to the resolution of all claims with Romspen and be party to the negotiation to the conservation easement between The Conservation Fund and Romspen, including any consideration acquired by the town; that staff is directed further to the settlement agreement, to involve a third party regarding the purchase of the six acre property owned by Romspen, currently zoned multi family residential."

End of a long journey
Residents are hopeful that his  resolution ends a four year nightmare for the residents of Rancho Vistoso.  Speaking on the motion, Oro Valley resident Rosa Dailey speaking to council observed: "You are going to be known as the council that brought conservation to Oro Valley in a very big way." 

According to Dailey:" This is the end of a long journey."

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