Tuesday, June 8, 2021

The Watchdog Report: March 2021


This will be a short report since you are probably tired of reading the same old stuff every month.

Golf and Community Center
The expenditures continue to exceed the revenues. Through March 2021, the Contracted expenditures (golf, pro shop, food and beverage) exceeded the revenues by $371,139 and the Town’s expenditures (fitness center, swimming, tennis) exceeded their revenues by $193,171.

The total rounds of golf played on our 36 holes were 9,959, including 576 complimentary “free” rounds. The total number of rounds played at the public and semi-public courses within 5 miles of the Town’s courses were 12,131, including just 70 free rounds. Once again, in comparison to other nearby courses, our golf courses are not doing well.

The total golf membership was a record 317 through March 2021. However, before you get too excited, the membership dropped to 304 in April. You might remember that it was the Town’s goal to have 314 members by the end of 2015. Another golf goal not met.

Water Usage
The amount of water wasted on the Pusch Ridge course (potable water) was 383,000 gallons, costing $1,836.32. The amount of water poured on the Conquistador Course was 6,945,000 gallons, costing $20,553.77. The Canada course utilized 6,778,000 gallons of water costing $20,078.91. The total March water bill was $42,469.

It bears repeating
The term “Community Center” is a misnomer. What we are subsidizing with our tax dollars ($2,118,529 through March 2021) is NOT a Community Center. Can a resident use any of the facilities free of charge? NO. You must be a member to use your tax-payer subsidized community center. What we have in Oro Valley is a publicly subsidized member center, not a Community Center.

- - -

Mike Zinkin and his wife have lived in Oro Valley since 1998. He served on the Oro Valley Development Review Board from 2005-2009, the Board of Adjustment from 2011-2012, and the Town Council from 2012-2016. He was named a Fellow for the National League of Cities. He was a member of the NLC Steering Committee for Community and Economic Development and a member of the Arizona League of Cities Budget and Economic Development Committee. He was an Air Traffic Controller for 30 years. Mike has a Bachelor’s degree in history and government from the University of Arizona and a Master’s degree in Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education from California State University, Northridge.