Friday, April 2, 2021

Bits and Pieces

2021 Water Utility Annual Report Available
The Town of Oro Valley Utility has issued its 2020 Annual Report. Some highlights:
• Produced 7,700 “Football Field’s” of drinking water, 1 foot deep
• Served 20,700 connections serving 46,500 resident
• Open 24/7/365
• The utility is fiscally sound

Look for LOVE’s upcoming series on water starting this Monday.

Council chambers being remodeled
“The Orv Valley Town Council Chambers has been completely gutted, down to the frame. We are modernizing the chambers to better serve the public by adding current AV technology. We are expanding the chambers by increasing the room size and removing unnecessary architectural elements that were taking up space within the old chambers. This will add audience capacity. We are reorienting the Dias and presentation viewing to better accommodate the entire audience. And we are upgrading all the furniture.
The renovation cost is over $500K due to the following: 
  • Modernization of the AV for better conveyance of information to Council and the public. 
  • Increasing the room size, causes the building to be structurally altered to accommodate. 
As a government building, we are subject to commercial building standards – far more stringent and robust than residential construction. Construction costs in general have increased greatly through the pandemic. In some cases, costs have increased over 30%.” (Source: Town of Oro Valley)

Tech Connect online magazine features the Oro Valley Innovation Center
This spring’s online issue of Tech Connect Magazine features the Oro Valley UA Innovation Center. Worth a quick read.

Busy day for first responders
Yesterday, was a busy day for first responders. We came across two incidents and snapped a couple of shots . One was a 10am traffic accident. It was at Oracle and Tangerine. A car traveling from Tangerine to Northbound Oracle met another southbound on Oracle.   That closed two lanes on Oracle for a spell.  Then, at 5:30 last night, first responders aided an injured soccer player at Riverfont Park.  

Generally, you don’t see one incident in a day. But two? 

Good to see just how good are Oro Valley’s first responders.
If you have a comcast email address, you may receive an email from Lakeshore Learning confirming an order. The email is an order. It says you used PayPal to pay for it. The order asks that you click a link if you did not make this order. Do not click the link. Do not call the customer service phone number on the order. Just delete it.