Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Jacobs’ Update: Former Rancho Vistoso Golf Course Purchase Negotiations Continue

Agreement in principal could mean end is in sight
Some Rancho Vistoso residents voiced guarded optimism regarding the town’s purchase of the former Vistoso Golf Course at tonight’s council meeting. They did so after Town Manager Jacobs discussed the status of the purchase. 

Jacobs stated that the town has reached an agreement in principal with several parties. These include Rompsen, the property owner, and a third party purchaser of the 6 acres of land that is now zoned for development on the property. 

Jacobs said that The Conservation Fund, was informed of progress. They are the group that, under Vistoso resident plans, were to purchase the remaining 202 acres and gift it to the Town as permanent conservation land. It is unclear if those residents who pledged up to $1.5 million toward the purchase have been involved. 

Jacobs provided no details regarding the agreement or a timetable for completing the deal.

Some residents are cautiously optimistic
One resident stated cautious optimism; but observed that the “devil is in the details”. Others also cautioned that Romspen, a secured lender of last resort, cannot be trusted as a business partner.

Solomon: Jacobs acting on behalf of council... personal criticism of her unwarranted
After resident comments, Council Member Solomon stated for the record that Town Manager Jacobs and former Town Attorney Gary Cohen have acted under the auspices of the town council. This is in response to the fact that some residents have been and continue to be critical of Jacobs’ handling of this deal.

The saga does continue but perhaps there is an end in sight.
Rancho Vistoso residents have been working for three years to resolve this problem. It’s been a long time for them to live with the uncertainty regarding what is going to happen with this property. They even devised the solution to it. They brought that solution to town Council last fall.  We do hope a successful end is in sight for them.

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