Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Vistoso Residents opine on the abandoned Vistoso Golf Course. Part 1. Talk of development on the 6th and 14th holes.


During the Call to Audience portion of the March 17th Town Council meeting, several Rancho Vistoso residents spoke about the Romspen/Vistoso Golf Course debacle. LOVE is presenting two of those speeches. The first one is below. We will publish the second one tomorrow.

My comments are related to the former Vistoso Golf Course. My husband and I have lived on the 6th hole for almost 20 years. We, the community, are trying to respect the April 1st resolution deadline, but we continue to be frustrated with the lack of meaningful transparent updates regarding the status.

Since the golf course was abandoned, the 6th hole and fairway has been a target for partial development. We have heard rumors that there is a sitting member of council that continues to support and advocate for partial development of this area, the 6th hole and fairway, along with the 14th hole.

The Rancho Vistoso community has shown their commitment to the Town of Oro Valley and continued to attend these bi-weekly meetings in an attempt to resolve the Romspen abandonment of the golf course property. It has been 3 years in total. The Town is the only entity with the leverage and power needed to resolve this issue.

We have 3 questions:

1. What is the status of the fair market value appraisal of this property?

2. Is the Town of Oro Valley committed to move to condemnation timely if Romspen fails to negotiate a final resolution based upon fair market value?

3. Is the Town of Oro valley committed to engage the Conservation Fund in order to obtain a conservation easement and to raise the necessary financial support for this property?

Thank you for the opportunity to speak.

Theresa Moreau

Editor's comment: Who is the sitting council member who is advocating for partial development on the abandoned Vistoso Golf Course? Could it be council member and developer, Steve Solomon? That would be interesting because while running for re-election last year, Solomon posted campaign signs in Rancho Vistoso containing the words, “Preserve Vistoso.”