Thursday, February 18, 2021

Oro Valley Podcast: Pusch Ridge Golf Solution Complicated

Pusch Ridge Golf solution is complicated
The Pusch Ridge golf course situation is very complicated and I'm sure the solution, whatever it is, will not please everyone. But solutions, come about through working together and developing a plan. However, some members of the town Council and town staff feel that being disingenuous and not working with the citizens is the best path to follow.

D'Angelo: Town staff hard to work with
I recently had Tony D'Angelo, the advocate for Pusch Ridge golf course, on my podcast. He stated that the most frustrating part of arriving at a solution was working with the town Council and staff. For example, Tony pointed out that Mary Jacobs the town manager told the Pusch Ridge HOA to work out the lease arrangements with HSL. That's a little strange, is it not? Why would someone who doesn't own the property attempt to work out the lease on behalf of the town. The HOA finally balked at that suggestion and said they would not pursue that course to a solution. I always wondered why it was taking so long to arrive at a suitable lease agreement between HSL and the town. The town, through Mary Jacobs, wanted to abdicate its responsibility to work out a proper lease agreement between HSL and the town.

D'Angelo: Not not all on council involved
The Pusch Ridge HOA invited all of the town Council members to the course to show them the current situation and discuss alternative solutions. All council members except for Council Member Nicolson attended a walkthrough of the grounds. Since then many have ignored emails and calls from some of the council members.

Ignoring repeated emails and messages on this is not good thing. It seems to me that if you represent the town regardless of your schedule you have to take responsibility to work out a solution with the Pusch Ridge HOA. Quite frankly, I'm disappointed.

Promise not kept
And finally, to a round of applause, at an HOA meeting in February 2020 Mayor Winfield announces that the golf course will stay open. In April 2020 the town abruptly closes the golf course with no notification to the HOA's.

On the masthead of the Washington Post is a quote;” Democracy dies in darkness”. Apparently in Oro Valley we don't even want to turn on the switch.

You can watch Jim's interview of Tony D'Angelo here.