Thursday, February 4, 2021

Kai General Plan Amendment Not Approved By Council... Barrett, Nicolson and Bohen Hold Fast

Barrett, Bohen and Nicolson hold fast to reject changing the general plan 
The Kai-Capri general plan amendment did not receive the required five Oro Valley Town Council for approval at last night’s town council meeting. 

This despite a herculean effort on the part of town staff and the applicant to get approval. This included a "sleight of hand" move in which the staff and applicant changed the request such  that the property would be used for only rental casitas. 

Three council members held fast to their initial vote on January 6 rejecting this measure. They were Vice Mayor Barrett and Council Members Bohen and Nicolson. Barrett repeated what she had said at the January 6 meeting. Essentially, six months ago the town had approved significant economic development moves to improve commerce in the area and that time needed to pass for these to take effect.

Winfield enthusiastically supported changing the plan 
Mayor Winfield and Council Member’s Solomon and Greene voted to approve as they had done in January. In fact, Mayor Winfield “doubled-down” on his support. He noted that he and his family had “recreated” on this property and that “the highest and best use of this property was residential.”

Jones-Ivey approves... 
In January,  Council Member Jones-Ivey voted to reject the amendment. This time she voted to approve the measure. She liked the idea of putting rental casitas on the property.